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Microblading Aftercare 101

Now that you’ve finished your microblading treatment, you’re no doubt wildly enthusiastic about your brand-new perfect brows. But don’t kick back and relax just yet! Proper microblading aftercare is one of the most important ways to maintain your new look. There are a few critical steps to the healing process after your treatment, and we’re here to walk you through each one.

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Many people don’t realize that your brows will go through a few stages of healing for the first two weeks after your treatment. Like any semi-permanent makeup procedure, your skin first needs to heal, then flake, then settle into the gorgeously sculpted brows you were dreaming of in the first place. Good microblading aftercare is the key to making these results long-lasting and flawless.

Here’s a rough timeline on what to expect from your microblading side effects. On the first day of your microblading treatment, your brows will look great. On days two to four, your brows will get dark and start to look extremely bold and heavy while the healing process kicks in. By day five, your brows will likely begin to flake and peel as new skin forms and seals the pigment in. During and after this process, your brows may start to look far lighter than you were anticipating, but don’t worry! By the time two weeks have passed, your brows should be everything you imagined and more.


The microblading procedure may be quick and easy, but that doesn’t make the microblading aftercare any less crucial! First, you should wash your face twice daily using an antimicrobial soap and be very gentle on your newly microbladed brows. After making sure you’ve washed all the soap away, pat the skin dry with a clean cotton pad. Once you’ve cleaned your face, it’s time to apply a tiny rice-sized amount of your aftercare ointment using a cotton swab. Don’t put on too much! You want your skin to be able to breathe, so stick with a very light coating. By keeping up with these simple steps for the first week, your brows will heal quickly and look great.

Now, for the all-important don’ts. Firstly, don’t pick at your skin as your brows start to peel; let the old skin fall off naturally to avoid damaging the pigment underneath. Only use your designated microblading aftercare cream during that time; no exfoliants, sunscreen, or other products. You also want to try to keep your brows dry at all times except when you’re gently washing them, so no long showers (aim for 8 minutes max) and no swimming. Lastly, no tanning, facials, waxing, or laser light therapy. Your brows need time to rest and recuperate before unlocking their full glory.

With a bit of tender loving care, your brows can look their absolute best for two to three years! Of course, if you have any further questions about your microblading procedure or aftercare, don’t hesitate to reach out at (971) 337-5401 or any time.

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