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About Us

DAELA Co offers DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo boutique franchise ownership opportunities.

Locally owned and operated DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo franchise studios offer world class artistry and outstanding customer service; setting the bar for cosmetic tattoo around the world.

About Us | Our History

DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo was founded on the initiative to create an industry standard for outstanding cosmetic tattoo. Our goal? Be a nationally recognized brand, known for outstanding customer service, quality artists and beautiful studios offering every available cosmetic tattoo service.

Co-Owners Erica Johnson and Lina Anderson, nationally recognized and admired artists and trainers, are joined by business developer & entrepreneur Kim Orr and an amazing support team, in their pursuit to invite other like-minded master artists to own their own DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo.

Flagship Studio: DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Portland, Oregon

Training Facility: DAELA Academy, Vancouver, WA.

Franchise Company: DAELA Co. Vancouver, WA

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About Us


DAELA Co offers a strong support team with an unusual commitment, dedicated to the success of our franchisees, their staff and their studios.

About Us: Erica Johnson Co-CEO Daela Co
Erica Johnson Co-CEO DAELA Co.

Erica Johnson

Founder | Co-CEO | Master Artist | Master Trainer

Prior to cosmetic tattoo, Erica spent five years as a sought-after make-up artist in Portland, Oregon.

After spending years working and training with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, she become an esthetician and fell in love with Microblading before anyone really knew what it was.

Erica has been involved in microblading since it first made its way into the United States.  Erica traveled to New York in 2015 to be trained by a sought-after trainer and it was there that it became clear that she possessed a natural talent. Erica then chose to travel the world committed to perfecting her art. Coupled with talent and an innate artistic ability, Erica remains amongst the best microbladers in the world. 

As founder of DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo, Erica finds joy in having surrounded herself with truly talented team members &artists. Erica’s insatiable desire to be on the cutting edge of all things cosmetic tattoo has made DAELA a full-service cosmetic tattoo studio.

Erica has also become a world-wide sought-after trainer who has helped many emerging artists begin their career in Microblading.

As a franchisee, what will you go to Erica for?

About Us: Lina Anderson Co-CEO DAELA Co.
Lina Anderson Co-CEO DAELA Co.

Lina Anderson

  • Co-CEO | Master Artist | Master Trainer

Starting as a Business and Marketing major at WSU, Lina utilized her education to work in the public sector as a Community Relations Specialist.  She additionally has been involved in several non-profit organizations including the local Community Chest, Janis Youth Program, and leading the Susan G. Komen Oregon and Washington Ambassador Board as their Chair. 

Making a major career shift, Lina was key a hire by DAELA in 2018.  Lina moved quickly from Studio Manager to Master Artist to Co-Owner.  Lina’s unusual drive, business acumen and magnetic personality led naturally to co-ownership and Lina has been instrumental in making the studio what it is today.  

Lina is known internationally for her perfection as well as her mastery in Velvet Lip Blush Tattoo. Color, symmetry, and youthfulness while keeping that natural appearance is why clients from all over the world seek out Lina. She offers perfection in this art.  Lina was one of the first to introduce specific technique to the states that has helped define the standards for the industry. She has created her own unique technique and has trained many of the great lip artists from around the globe.

Lina is also celebrated in her craft of Areola Restoration and 3d nipple tattooing. She has expertise helping her clients to feel whole again after mastectomies, surgical modifications, sexual transitions, and other scarring or fading. Lina is known in the paramedical industry for her scar work and is a sought-after Master Trainer of her Areola and 3D techniques. Lina has been mentioned in several published articles and has been featured in an Emmy award winning news story and is a recipient of the VBJ 2022 Accomplished Under 40 Award.

As a franchisee, what will you go to Lina for?

About Us: Kim Orr President DAELA Co.
Kim Orr President DAELA Co.

Kim Orr


Kim’s early career included 17 years in corporate retail management & marketing, personally heading the expansion of two companies.

Kim’s expertise in customer service, CRM & POS development, team building, marketing, design and visual merchandising all benefit the expansion of DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo.

Kim is dedicated to supporting the growth of DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo franchisees.

As a franchisee, what will you go to Kim for?

  • Franchise Presentation
  • Franchise Legal Paperwork
  • Studio Location & Design
  • Business Set-Up
  • Accounting Training & Support
  • Website design & support.
About Us: Joe Orr Marketing VP DAELA Co.
Joe Orr Marketing VP DAELA Co.

Joe Orr

Chief Marketing Officer

Joe is a serial entrepreneur.  35 years in executive management has given him experience in team building, marketing, start-ups, sales & finance.

Joe was an industry speaker & trainer and also developed an award-winning technology platform. With a career emphasis on branding start-ups, Joe brings a wealth of business experience to our team.

As a franchisee, what will you go to Joe for?

  • Location & lease negotiations
  • Marketing support
  • General Business questions
About Us: Jess Otten Franchisee Staff Trainer
Jess Otten: Trainer & Support

Jess Otten

Studio Manager Trainer & Support

Jess is Studio Manager of DAELA Portland.

Jess has been with DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo for 3 years and has been a major part of our success and growth. As we are expanding locations nationwide, Jess is responsible for training new studio managers from the Portland location and also takes her show on the road to support studio openings.

Jess will be a key person, assisting in the growth of your DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo

As a franchisee, what will you go to Jess for?

  • Studio Management & Operational support
  • CRM Support
  • Payroll Training 
DAELA Scottsdale Owners Chloe and Haley
Haley & Chloe Wight Franchise Studio Owners

Chloe & Haley Wight

Franchise Owners | DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Scottsdale

Chloe & Haley began their careers in Cosmetic Tattoo in Portland, Oregon. After attending Tattoo School in Portland, they then trained with Erica and became treasured master microblading artists at DAELA Portland where they served 3,000+ clients from around the world, establishing themselves as cosmetic tattoo powerhouses.

Chloe & Haley have been a large part of the success of DAELA and we are thrilled that they have become our first franchisees.

Chloe & Haley have chosen Kierland Commons as their DAELA Scottsdale location, and it is truly a beautiful studio in a remarkable setting! Their studio opened on January 2, 2024 with a team of fabulous permanent makeup artists.


Nicole Owner DAELA Las Vegas Franchise
Nicole Burron Franchise Studio Owner

Nicole Burron

Franchise Owner | DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Las Vegas

Having lived in Las Vegas for 10 years with a father who is an integral part of the Las Vegas community, has fostered a deep love of the area for Nicole.

With strong ties to the hospitality industry and development community Nicole has an understanding of the city, its residents and its visitors.

Working closely with her Master Artist Manger, Wendy Chester, and Lina Anderson of DAELA Co. a dream team of master artists is ready for the July 5th launch of this exciting studio, located at Uncommons in Las Vegas, NV.

Viva DAELA Las Vegas!