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Microblading in Scottsdale, AZ.

DAELA Scottsdale offers microblading and nanoblading. This brow tattoo mimics the look of natural brow hairs, for the brows of your dreams.

Beautifully sculpted, natural looking brows

About Microblading

The skilled artists at DAELA Scottdale working from our luxury studio in Kierland Commons. Enjoy private treatment rooms and the skilled work of our master artists. 

Both microblading and nanoblading techniques result in brows so soft and lifelike that no one will be able to tell they aren’t. The only difference between micro and nano is the size of the needle! Your brows will be nothing short of perfection.

Microblading and nanoblading both create the same result; Reshape, define, and fill in gaps, granting you the brows you’ve always dreamed of.

These cosmetic brow procedures can also conceal scars and disguise hair loss, bringing your brows back to their former glory or giving them a radiance, they’ve always deserved.

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Microblading Pricing at DAELA Scottsdale


Chloe & Haley

Microblading or Nanoblading $750

  • Touch-Up @ 6-12 Weeks $100
    • Best choice for best results!
  • Touch-Up @ 13-20 Weeks $150
    • Option available if 6-12 weeks is inconvenient.

A $250 non-refundable deposit is required on all appointment bookings. You may reschedule no less than 48 hours prior to appointment. No-show will result in forfeiture of deposit.

Financing Available!

Before & After care Instructions.

DAELA Scottsdale's Microblading Artists

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Microblading FAQ's

  • Microblading and nanoblading are both cosmetic tattoo techniques that mimic natural hairstrokes using a handheld tool and natural pigments.
  • The only difference between the two is the size of the needle used. Most artists primarily use nano needles, but in some cases the micro needle is the correct needle for the optimal result. 
  • Using our hand tool with either nano needles (very tiny) or micro needles (slightly larger), we’re able to create fine, realistic looking 3d hairstrokes; achieving the fullness you desire.
  • Nanoblading is microblading, they are the same technique!
  • This technique utilizes a handheld tool with very small needles that range in size from micro to nano size. Nanoblading refers to the artist utilizing the smallest needles available.
  • Most artists choose to utilize the nano needles for all microblading procedures, but there are times where the micro sized needles are a better option.

Yes, because tools are used to implant pigments into your skin microblading is considered a tattoo.

  • Cosmetic tattoo procedures involve minimal pain and no downtime.
  • Additionally, we use topical numbing cream prior to the procedure. We also use a numbing gel throughout the process to keep you comfortable.
  • Most people agree that the process is fairly painless, and 100% less than what they were expecting.
  • Remember that everyone has a different pain threshold, and this is a tattoo. If you’re concerned about the pain, just let us know and we’re happy to numb for longer before the appointment. Just call ahead!

Microblading appointments consist of two sessions:

  • The initial session requires between 2-3 hours. The artist will consult with you, apply topical numbing and carefully draw the shape for you to approve.
  • The touchup session takes a bit less time, between 1-1.5 hours because the consultation has been completed and the shape is well established.
  • This session provides the artist the chance to perfect the overall look of your brows.

DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo in Scottsdale charges separately for each session, allowing the flexibility of timing the touchup to the customer.

Microblading & Nanoblading can last 3-5 years, and even longer for some, but it will fade over time. 

  • Once they are faded enough you will have options to refresh them!
  • Microblading or nanoblading will not cause future hair loss or cause damage to the skin as long as you are seeing a highly skilled artist.
  • Do your research, read reviews and see your artists gallery of work. 
  • We can do cover-ups, but we require you to send photos to us BEFORE booking an appointment.
  • Please text or email us a clear picture of your brows.
  • All previous work will be considered a new appointment.
  • We can only work over light previous tattoo; and it is possible that if you are not a candidate for microblading or nanoblading that you most likely can do Ombre Brows!
  • Microblading and nanoblading are great for almost everyone! It’s an excellent option for those who want definition to their already existing eyebrows or those who have minimal to no brows at all.
  • If you have thin skin, excessively oily skin or a lot of scarring, then we suggest a consult via pictures and an email or text before scheduling your appointment. We want to make sure we schedule you for the best service for your situation.

Appointment times can vary based on the artist and the time the initial consultation and shape defining takes. The average is anywhere between 2-3 hours from start to finish.

Your touch-up appointment will take less than 2 hours.

You can check out our galleries on each services page to see before and after images. These images are of real clients and are not photoshopped, giving you the chance to see close up how amazingly lifelike the hairstrokes appear.

  • There is no physical downtime after microblading!
  • Immediately after the procedure you can go back to work, out to dinner or out for the one will know anything except that you look fabulous!
  • You may not want to head directly to the gym or swimming pool though, please read our simple after care instructions
  • DAELA Scottsdale also will also supply you with aftercare instructions the day of your service!
  • You do want to keep your brows dry for 24 hours and it is almost impossible to keep your brows dry when washing your hair! Plan on not being able to wash your hair for 24 hours.
  • Microblading and all cosmetic tattoo procedures have always been referred to as permanent makeup.
  • The same goes for traditional tattoos, which will also fade over time.
  • Cosmetic Tattoo will fade over time and may or may not completely disappear.
  • This is why some referring to them as semi-permanent or permanent is complicated.
  • The good news, it that whether they last 2 years or 5 years or even longer for some, you have options to refresh your microblading or change to a different technique.