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Microblading Stages: A Timeline

So, you’ve just left your first microblading appointment and are feeling on top of the world. In one treatment, your eyebrows have gone from thin, patchy, or nonexistent to full and bold. In the next couple of weeks, they’ll continue their transformation into the brows of your dreams, but they’ll need a little help along the way. To stay on top of your new brow game, you’ll want to follow your aftercare regimen to the letter. Luckily, microblading aftercare is simple and easy, and it’s a breeze to lock in your microblading effects for years to come. Here’s what to expect from the timeline of post microblading stages as you heal.



Immediately after your appointment, your brows will probably be looking pretty good. You’ll see new dark, textured lines just like normal brow hairs, but with some redness, swelling, and tenderness for the first two to four days. A small amount of bleeding is perfectly normal in the first microblading stage. If your brows are darker than expected fear not! Your microblading technician adds more pigment initially because some will get lost or faded during the healing process. By the time your brows heal, they’ll be just the shade you were looking for.


Despite what you might read on the internet, visible scabbing is typically not a part of the microblading healing stage. Great microbladers won’t go deep enough in the skin to cause scabs you can see. You may notice your microblading strokes changing color, which is a form of micro-scabbing. However, they won’t get crusty or flaky. You still want to give your skin plenty of time to heal. So, keep up with your prescribed aftercare, wash your face gently with warm water and mild soap, and don’t apply any makeup or pigment over your brows. The healing period only lasts a couple of days, so be patient.


Around days eight or nine of the healing process, things get spooky. During the previous microblading stage, you may notice that your brow color looks faded, gray, or even patchy. This point in the healing process is known as the microblading ghosting phase. Fortunately, you don’t need to schedule a seance to get your brows back from the netherworld. The fading is a regular and temporary part of the healing process, and your bold, beautiful brows will be back in no time.


About a week after the ghosting phase, your brows are almost there! By now, you shouldn’t see any redness or swelling, and the color will look much darker. Your brows are beginning an effortlessly gorgeous chapter of their life, where you’ll never need to worry about them washing off at the beach or taking too long in the morning. When you reach day 30, your brows should be completely healed.

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Of course, everyone’s healing is different, and your own microblading stages may follow a different timeline. If you have any questions about what to expect as your brows heal, reach out to our technicians at Daela Cosmetic Tattoo any time!

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