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How To Choose the Best Permanent Lip Color for You

Are you tired of constantly reapplying lipstick throughout the day or concerned about your lip color fading away halfway through the day? If so, you might want to consider getting a permanent lip color, also known as lip tattooing, lip blushing or Velvet lips.  This cosmetic procedure can give you long-lasting, beautifully tinted lips without the need for constant touch-ups. But before you jump in, it’s essential to consider various factors to choose the best permanent lip tattoo color that suits your coloring, unique features and preferences. I mean, let’s make your lip coloring the best it can be!

fair skin lip blush tattoo

What Lip Color is Best for You? 

Selecting the right lip color is crucial, as it can significantly impact your overall appearance. When opting for permanent lip color, you should consider factors like your skin tone, hair color, and personal style. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice: 

 1.Skin Tone Matters: If you have a fair complexion, shades like soft pinks, light corals, or warm nude colors tend to look great. For medium skin tones, warm Rosey pinks, berries, bright corals or mauve shades can complement your complexion. For darker skin tones, deeper shades like raspberry, orange-red, or warm pinks can enhance your lips beautifully. 

2.Harmonize with Your Hair Color: Your hair color can also influence the lip color that suits you best. For those with warm hair tones (red, auburn, or warm brown), peachy or warm shades of lip colors are a good match. If you have cool hair tones (platinum blonde, ash brown), opt for lip colors with blue undertones like berry or brownish pink. Baby pinks and mauve are also very complimentary. 

3.Consider Your Personal Style: Take into account your personal style and comfort level. If you prefer a more natural look, neutral or soft pink shades might be the way to go. For those who like to make a statement, bold tones or deep colors could be a great fit. 

4. Consider longevity of the lip color: Because of the longevity permanent lip color (also considered semi-permanent) lasts a very long time. For most, the effects of lip blush tattoo can last 3-5 years. So, consider your permanent or semi-permanent lip color wisely, you will have it for quite awhile!

lip blush

Can You Do Lip Blush if You Have Sun-Damaged Lips? 

Lip blush is a semi-permanent lip tattooing technique that involves adding a soft flush of color to your lips, enhancing their natural shape and tone. Many people wonder if lip blush is suitable for sun-damaged lips. The answer depends on the extent of the damage. It’s also dependent on what you want to achieve!  

 Mild sun damage or dryness may not be a significant concern, and lip blush can still be applied effectively. However, if you have severe sun damage, such as hyperpigmentation or dark spots, it’s essential to consult with a professional technician. They will be able to assess your condition and determine the best course of action. In some cases, additional treatments or skin-preparation methods may be necessary before getting the lip blush procedure done. 

 Always plan an additional touchup if you have sun damaged lips as your artist will need to tread lightly and apply only what the skin can handle.  

What is the Best Lip Color for Darker Skin? 

When it comes to choosing the best lip color for darker skin tones, it’s essential to embrace a wide range of shades that complement your beautiful complexion. Here are some lip colors that tend to look stunning on darker skin tones: 

 1.Bright Corals: Bright orange/pinks with warm undertones can create a striking and sophisticated look that neutralizes the blue/purple in the lips to bring out a natural hue of pink when healed. Don’t worry, it only appears bright for a few days before it softens.  

 2.Strawberry Red: Vibrant berry and brighter warm red shades can add a pop of color and make your lips stand out while complimenting brown skin.  

 3.Warm Soft pink: Warm pink shades, like ballet slipper or blushed bubblegum, can create a lovely, natural look and match the inner-most center of the lips for a sheer soft look.  

Remember that makeup is all about self-expression, so don’t be afraid to try different colors and find what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Permanent lip color for dark lips is a showstopper!


darker skin lip blush tattoo

Does the Color of My Skin Impact What Lip Tattoo Color I Should Use? 

Yes, the color of your skin can influence the choice of lip tattoo color. When getting a lip tattoo, the goal is to enhance your natural lip color or add a subtle tint. It’s essential to consider the contrast between your lip color and your skin tone. 

 Always consult with a professional permanent makeup artist who can assess your unique features and recommend the most suitable lip tattoo color for your skin tone. 

What is the lip blush tattoo healing process like? 

The healing process of lip blush tattoo or velvet lips is a crucial stage in achieving the desired results. The healing period typically spans a few weeks, during which the color and appearance of your lips will evolve. A picture speaks a thousand words, so here’s the picture first! 

stages of healing lip blush

 Day 1-3: Immediate Aftercare 

  • After the procedure, your lips may feel bold, bright and swollen. 
  • You’ll need to keep your lips moisturized with an ointment or healing balm as advised by your technician. 
  • Avoid touching, licking, or rubbing your lips during healing.  

Day 3-7: Initial Peeling 

  • Some peeling or flaking of the treated area may occur, which is entirely normal during the healing process. 
  • The color may appear patchy or lighter due to the shedding of the outermost layer of the skin. 

Day 8-14: Settling of Color 

  • By this time, the initial peeling should be subsiding, and your lips will start to look more natural. 
  • The color may appear a bit faint, but don’t worry; it will gradually intensify over the coming weeks. 

Day 15-21: Color Enhancement 

  • Around the third week, you will notice the lip color becoming more vibrant as the epidermal layer of the skin heals and traps the pigment beneath. 
  • Your lips will look fuller and more defined as the tattoo settles into the skin. 

Day 22-28: Final Results 

  • By the sixth-eighth week, your lips should have healed completely, and the true results of the lip blush tattoo will be visible. 
  • The color should be well-defined and closely resemble the intended shade.

How long does permanent lip color last?

Lip blush tattoos, the solution for permanent lip color, can last for years. Even better? You can blush your lips as often as every 6-months if you like. So, if you want to do it every few years, every year, or every 6 months, it’s really up to you! Here is a nifty visual of someone who had lip blush done again after 3 years. It is interesting that we call it permanent lip color tattoo and semi-permanent lip color tattoo. This is because it is a bit of both. The effects won’t last forever, but they may also never completely fade. 

lip blush stages in years

Is lip blushing good for older women? 

People of all ages, skin types and skin colors can benefit from the amazing look of lip blush tattoo. If you’re 18-70+ and you want to make that pout stand out, or add color to lack-luster lips, or add shape, definition and symmetry where needed, lip blush tattoo is perfect for you. (Among many other permanent make up solutions!)

In fact, lip blush tattoo is the perfect solution for mature women! When we age our lip color fades, the definition of our lips becomes well, less defined and the shape can lose some of its shapeliness. So, bring on the lip blush tattoo and gain back your shape, color and definition. You’ll love the look, and you will look fresh and lovely!

Lip blush tattoo can even camouflage scars in your lip. Lip blush cannot be applied if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding or have any openings in your lips. If you suffer from cold-sores, medication is required to be taken.  

How much does permanent lip color cost? 

Prices vary across the world, but most fall in the range of $600-$1000. As you do your research check for three things:

  1. Is the touch up included in the price. If the price seems too low, it probably is not included. It is important to understand that everyone needs a touch up. So, whether it is included or not, consider you will spend the total of both the initial appointment and the touch up.
  2. Look at the gallery of work for the artist you are considering.
  3. Check out the online reviews for the place of business; You want to go to a studio that offers great customer service and meets exacting cleanliness standards.

 In conclusion, choosing the best permanent lip color involves considering factors such as your skin tone, hair color, and personal style. Lip blush can be a great option, even for those with some sun damage, lines, cold-sores or scars as long as it’s evaluated by a professional. For darker skin tones, a variety of rich and vibrant shades can create stunning results. Finally, the color of your skin does impact the lip tattoo color you should use, as it’s essential to create a harmonious and flattering look. 

 If you’re ready to bid farewell to constant lipstick touch-ups and embrace beautifully tinted lips, permanent lip color might be the perfect solution for you. Remember to do your research, consult with experienced technicians, and choose a color that brings out your natural beauty, making you feel fabulous day after day. 

lip blush before after mature 300x300 2


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