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How Long Does Lip Blush Tattoo Last?

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Lip Blush Tattoo is Long Lasting

Lip blush tattoo is a wonderful solution for those of all ages who want freedom from makeup. It’s the allure of all cosmetic tattoo: You can have your lips, eyeliner and brows look perfect 24/7. Lip blush tattoo, like other cosmetic tattoo serves multiple purposes, beyond just easing the daily beauty regime. For those with lips that are fading, have lost their shape, are asymmetrical, have scarring, sun damage or natural mottled color pigmentation, lip blush tattoo can completely refresh your look, hide imperfections, and create an instantly more youthful look. Lip blushing effectively enhances your lip border, increasing the impact of your lips. It’s magical and safe. Let’s discuss how long lip blush tattoo will last with Vivian Aiello, Master Lip Blush Artist at DAELA Vancouver.

How Long Does Lip Blush Tattoo last?
Full & Shapely Lips with Lip Blush tattoo by Vivian at DAELA Vancouver

How long does lip blush tattoo last?

The answer to this question, at first blush, is simple: Lip blushing lasts 2-3 years on average for most people. But there are several factors that can impact the longevity of your new tattoos!

Can Lifestyle Impact How Long Lip Blush Lasts?

You may ask yourself: Why has my lip blush faded?

1. Sun Exposure

Prolonged exposure to the sun can significantly fade the color of your lip blush tattoo. The UV rays break down the pigments in the tattoo, leading to quicker fading. To prevent this, always apply a lip balm with SPF before heading out.

2. Skin Type

Oily skin types tend to break down pigments faster than dry or normal skin types. If you have oily skin, you might notice your lip blush fading more quickly. Proper aftercare and regular touch-ups can help maintain the color.

3. Exfoliation and Skincare Products

Using exfoliating products or treatments on your lips can cause the pigment to fade faster. Be cautious with facial scrubs, chemical peels, and any skincare products containing acids or retinoids. Opt for gentle, non-exfoliating lip care products instead.

4. Smoking

Smoking can accelerate the fading process of your lip blush tattoo. The repetitive action and exposure to smoke can cause the color to wear off more quickly. Reducing or quitting smoking can help maintain the vibrancy of your lip blush.

5. Hydration and Lip Care

Keeping your lips well-hydrated is crucial. Dry, chapped lips can cause the pigment to flake off. Regularly use a hydrating lip balm and avoid licking your lips, which can dry them out.

6. Diet and Lifestyle

Certain foods and drinks, especially acidic or oily ones, can affect the longevity of your lip blush tattoo. Regular consumption of citrus fruits, oily foods, and hot beverages can lead to quicker fading. Rinse your lips after consuming such items to mitigate their effects.

7. Natural Skin Regeneration

Your skin naturally regenerates, and as new skin cells replace old ones, the pigment can fade. This process varies from person to person and can be influenced by age, health, and individual skin regeneration rates.

8. Improper Aftercare

The aftercare process is crucial to the longevity of your lip blush tattoo. Failing to follow aftercare instructions can lead to premature fading. This includes avoiding certain activities, products, and ensuring your lips are kept clean and moisturized during the healing period.

9. Quality of Pigments and Technique

The quality of the pigments used, and the technique of the artist also play a significant role. Higher quality pigments and a skilled artist will provide a more durable result. Always choose a reputable artist with good reviews and proven experience.

How Long Does Lip Blush Tattoo Last?
How Long Does Lip Blush Tattoo Last? By Vivian at DAELA Vancouver

Proper Preparation for a Lip Blush Tattoo Appointment Helps Results

Preparing for lip blush is quite simple, hydrate and exfoliate a few days prior. 24 hours prior stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and other blood thinners. This is important as they can cause excessive bleeding which can stop the pigments from setting.  You should be free of antibiotics for 4 weeks and not pregnant or breastfeeding. Fillers or Botox should both be healed at least 4 weeks prior. If you are prone to cold sores, please talk to your doctor for a prescription cold sore medication before and after the appointment.

How Long Does Lip Blush Tattoo Last?
How Long Does Lip Blush Tattoo Last? By Vivian at DAELA Vancouver

How Often Can I have Lip Blushing Done?

Every 6-12 months if you like!

Your lip blush will last 2-3 years but some people want a color change or that just applied look all the time! The best thing about lip blushing is that it can be done relatively often. There are more reasons that fading that may compel you to refresh those lips! If your lips have faded because of lifestyle factors, like smoking or sun damage, you can have your lips refreshed as often as every 6 months.

Why else would you want to have them refreshed? Fashion. Our lifestyles change, as does the color of our hair.  You may go from blonde to red and want those lips to pop with your new hair color, or you may want a heavier lipstick look versus a sheer, natural look. Or maybe, you are just obsessed with your lips being ridiculously perfect – permanently.  It’s just about you, your desires and your lifestyle.

How Long Does Lip Blush Tattoo Last?
How Long Does Lip Blush Tattoo Last? By Vivian at DAELA Vancouver

Does a Lip Blush Refresh Cost the Same?

How long does lip blush tattoo last?
Lip Blush Tattoo at DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo

That will depend on where you have your lip blushing done.  DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo has a scaled touch-up | refresh pricing menu. The less time between appointments, the lower your price.  Everyone should have their 6–12-week touchup after the initial session.

After your initial appointment and touchup, you may want to refresh every 6-months, if you are totally obsessed or as seldom as every few years. You can also change up your color.

How can I make my lip blush last a long time?

Initially, make sure you follow the aftercare program for as long as your lip blush artist suggests.  Things that seem silly, probably aren’t. Don’t let your lips dry out during the healing process! Once your lips are healed, the first and foremost preventative you can do is keep your lips protected from the sun.  Wear an SPF lip balm whenever you are outside or in a tanning bed. If you have an iron deficiency, then discuss options to correct the deficiency with your doctor.  If you have a skin regime that includes heavy exfoliants and other treatments that may cause fading, then consider avoiding these techniques on your lips.  If you smoke, well, we will leave that up to you.

Where to Get Lip Blush Tattoo?

Visit Vivian at DAELA Vancouver or DAELA Portland. DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo is unique in that we offer all cosmetic tattoo services in each location, and we have locations nationwide, including Portland, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas. Our luxurious studios house master artists who specialize in one or two techniques, making them some the best artists in the industry. DAELA holds all artists to exacting standards, not just for their artistic mastery but also their manner, kindness and adherence to strict health and safety protocol.

We serve adult clients of all ages and have 1000’s of 5-star reviews on Google, YELP & Facebook. Clients have travelled to our studios from all over the world. If you are considering cosmetic tattoo or paramedical tattoo, reach out to us for a free consultation, we are always happy to consult, even if you don’t book with us.