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How is microblading done?

We’ve all been there: you spend an eternity in front of the bathroom mirror with your arsenal of gels and brow pencils only to get halfway through the day and realize your hard work has sweated or smeared off. Microblading is an excellent alternative for people who want a whole new level of long-lasting brows. If you’re wondering whether to book an appointment, you probably have questions about how microblading is done and whether it’s right for you. Here’s what you need to know to start your journey to perfect brows!


Semi-permanent makeup can sound intimidating. After all, the effects of over-filling your brows with a pencil will only last for hours. Microblading, on the other hand, sticks around for years. But when you book your microblading appointment, you’re in the capable hands of an artist who will ensure you’re getting the brows of your dreams (no hunching over your bathroom counter with a brow pencil required).

Here’s the nitty-gritty on how microblading is done: your artist will start by drawing the shape of your brows on so you can approve how they’ll look before beginning the microblading itself. Unlike heavy gels and dyes, microblading involves the use of fine lines of semi-permanent pigment that look just like natural eyebrow hair. Your microblading specialist starts by making delicate, shallow cuts in your brow to deposit natural color under the skin. This process is similar to getting a tattoo, but don’t let that intimidate you! The main difference between semi-permanent makeup and a conventional tattoo is that the application of color is much more shallow and the pigment much closer to the surface, which means you can achieve natural, subtle effects with much less pain. The sensation of microblading is similar to eyebrow threading, and the entire process only takes about an hour of your appointment time.

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It only takes about a week or two of easy aftercare for your brows to heal. However, because of how microblading is done, it’s extra essential to guard against infection during the healing process. We recommend washing your brows morning and night with antibacterial soap and applying a tiny amount of aftercare ointment after the skin dries. Besides the antibacterial washes, try not to get your brows wet in the first week after your treatment. Of course, the time it takes for your brows to heal depends on your skin type, commitment to the aftercare regimen, and other individual factors. Talk to your microblading specialist for personalized recommendations to heal without a hitch.


The final breakdown: microblading is done quickly and with minimal pain, resulting in safe and long-lasting results. It’s a win for your morning routine and your self-esteem, saving you time and angst every single day. The long-lasting results are one of the best things about microblading. With proper aftercare, your new brows can last between one to three years!

Up to three years without fumbling with a brow pencil is a pretty sweet deal, making it even more important to do it right. Microblading costs can vary and will also depend on how many touch-ups you need. At Daela Cosmetic Tattoo, we include one touch-up in our microblading pricing and offer annual appointments to keep your brows on point as long as you need. If you’re self-conscious about your sparse or faded eyebrows and want a more permanent, consistent solution, you’ll love our microblading results!

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