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Master Artist Career at DAELA: The Benefits & The Lifestyle

Learn everything about becoming a DAELA Master Artist

Our Artists

DAELA Master Artists are Perfectionists.

DAELA Master Artists set the bar for Cosmetic Tattoo Artists around the world.

Our artists excel at their chosen specialties, bedside manner, and artist collaboration. It takes more than masterful work to become a DAELA Artist and the benefits they enjoy are rather unique. 

Continue reading if you are a cosmetic tattoo artist working independently and you find yourself wishing for more. More fun, more collaboration & more free time.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What Type of Master Artist Does DAELA Look For?

Our mission is simple:

  • Be the most acclaimed cosmetic tattoo studio in the world.

How we accomplish this goal:

  • Our studios are beautifully designed with customer and artist comfort in mind.
  • Our commitment to exceptional customer service is second to none.
  • Our Master Artists are cherished & well supported.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • A self-proclaimed perfectionist who loves the art more than they like the business aspect. DAELA gives our artists the space to just do what they do best, we do the rest.
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How Do You Like Operating a Business?

Being a Business Owner isn’t for Everyone.

If you wake 7-days a week enthused about blog writing, website updates, paying bills, ordering supplies, setting up insurance and software, paying for advertising, finding clients, booking clients, rescheduling clients, working on clients, cleaning your space, watering your plants, printing aftercare cards and a dozen other business-related items, then read no further. You are an independent business owner through and through.

If your favorite thing to do, every day you work, is working on clients, and you’d like more time to do just that as well as having 3 full days a week off, then read on.

DAELA is designed just for you.

Eyeliner Tattoo at DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo

What are the Employment Benefits for Master Artists at DAELA?

There are two types of benefits if you are leaving an independent business behind:

1. Direct Employment Benefits:
  • W2 Income. Yep. A real paycheck, twice a month.
  • Earn commission + tips. (*See averages further into this article)
  • 100% employer covered Health Care, Vision & Dental
  • Sick Time
  • Vacation Time
  • 4-Day Workweek
2. Intrinsic Benefits
  • Collaborative atmosphere with other artists.
  • Comradery.
  • Full Front Desk Support Staff & Sales Team
  • Zero Business Expenses 
  • Safe & Healthy Work Environment
  • Hip, High-End Studios

Independent Owner Vs DAELA Master Artist

We get it. As a successful, busy independent business owner, you touch a lot of money, but how much of it do you keep?

Interesting questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you an independent business owner because there was no other choice?
  • Is being an independent business owner what you thought it would be?
  • Is your income limited because of overwhelming business duties?
  • Would you like to make the same income, or more, and have significantly more free time?

Let’s investigate how you may keep more money and more time as a DAELA Artist. The following sections do a deep dive on the financial benefits of working at DAELA.

Benefits of Brand Advertising & Artist Advertising Budget

Check ‘ADVERTISING BUDGET ‘off your list because we got you covered.

DAELA has built a well-known brand and all DAELA Studios power that brand with a significant advertising budget focused on the delightful consumer benefits at DAELA. 

Brand Advertising

  • 75% of DAELA incoming sales inquiries do not ask for an artist by name.

What does this mean to you? It means that we work hard to bring you business you’d never get as an independent trying to stand out in a sea of independents. 

  • Customers love us and trust us, for good reason.

Our artists benefit from the thousands of 5-Star reviews that can be found about DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo.

Artist Advertising

DAELA loves your IG persona. We want you to be the center of your IG universe and we give each DAELA Artist a monthly budget for promotion of their DAELA work on IG. We want you to be famous and if you ever leave us, that fame goes with you.

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Benefits of a Studio Manager & Front Desk Staff

Check ‘HAVING TO DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING’ off your list, we got that covered too.

When it comes to a front desk staff that has your back, you can’t do any better than DAELA. DAELA knows how hard it is to be an artist and a businessperson, so they chose to create staff positions that literally take care of everything, except the artistry on clients.

Artistry and a bit of social media are your only jobs.

Here is what the highly trained Studio Manager & Front Desk Staff do:

  1. Handle all incoming sales inquiries.
  2. Handle all scheduling, rescheduling, appointment reminders.
  3. Ask for reviews.
  4. Check clients In/Out.
  5. Review aftercare and supply aftercare product.
  6. Collect Waivers.
  7. Keep studio clean.
  8. Order supplies.
  9. Build trays.
  10. Manage payroll.
  11. Open/Close Studio.
  12. There is more…but you get it!
brow lamination and lash lift at daela cosmetic tattoo

Benefits of Employment vs Independent Contractor

Check ‘NO BENEFITS’ off your list, we offer a lot of benefits.

DAELA picks up a lot of expenses as an employer:

  • DEALA picks up half (7.5%+) of Medicare & Social Security and other local taxes on your behalf. If you are an independent your self-employment tax responsibility for Social Security and Medicare doubles to 15%+. On average, this is $6000-$12000 per year DAELA Artists keep in their pocket.
  • DAELA pays out 100% of your tips, to you, even though we pay 3.1% to credit card processing. That’s about $1000 per year you keep in your pocket.
  • Healthcare, Dental & Vision average about $500 per month per covered employee. That’s $6000 per year you keep in your pocket.
  • Vacation time doesn’t exist for independent business owners. On average this means $1500-$3000 more in your pocket per year as a DAELA Artist.
  • Continuing Education? DAELA has a budget for Master Artists for continuing education which is based on your production. Value to DAELA Artists is between $900-$1800 per year.
  • Artists IG Spend: All artists and estheticians get $1800 per year to devote to promoting DAELA work on their personal IG accounts.
While you could produce more or less than the DAELA average, the employment benefits for an individual, producing artist, is between $17,200 and $25,650 per year. 
 *The income range for DAELA Artists who work a 4-day workweek is $70,000-$160,000. Add the benefits package to this number to get a range of $87,200-$185,650 of value compared to what you currently earn pre-tax after all your business expenses and business taxes are paid.
Another fun business exercise? Figure out how much you make per day or per hour.
  • Divide how much you keep a year (after all expenses and all business taxes taxes) by how many days you work a year. As an independent business owner, you have to count the business work hours plus the client work hours.
  • If you are working 5-7 days a week then it’s hard to out earn the daily earning potential of 4-day a week DAELA Artists. 
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Benefits of ZERO Business Expenses

Check “EVERYTHING ELSE” off your list.

  • No more rent
  • No more insurance
  • No more supply purchases
  • No more utility bills
  • No more balancing business checking accounts
  • No more managing business credit cards
  • No more business accounting
  • No more vendors

You need to do some math: Add up absolutely every business expense you have in a year and then subtract from the total revenue you generate in a year. Subtract out the benefits above you may also pull out of pocket, like health insurance and extra business taxes.

If the number you end up with is the same or less than you can make at DAELA then coming to DAELA is an easy decision because you’ll make more money and have more time. and we would love to talk details with you.

If you make more, after accounting for all the business expenses you incur and the employment benefits we offer, then you are doing really great, and we applaud you.
But ask yourself two questions: If you have three days a week off, and you can see more clients on your 4-day workweek, because you don’t have any business duties, then can you make more with DAELA and have more time?
We love successful artists, and we likely really want you on our team, because…well… you’re perfect for us. So, give us a call and let’s chat.
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What Should You Do Next?

No matter whether you are extremely successful or slightly struggling managing the business and the art, you might want to dig into the benefits of working for a DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Studio. 

You might also be a candidate to own a DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Studio.

The intrinsic value of working with a collaborative team in a supportive atmosphere, while gaining back some free time, is invaluable. It’s also a genuine opportunity. 

Here are some suggested NEXT STEPS:

  • Reach out to your local studio and tell them all about yourself.
  • Show them what you can bring to the table.
  • Let them show you what they bring to the table.
  • If you still aren’t sure but you have a feeling you should maybe jump in (we get it, it’s a bold move), then ask to speak with the president or one of the CEO’s of DAELA Co. We love to talk to artists and are enthusiastic about what you may bring to our global team.

Why Choose Daela Cosmetic Tattoo?

DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo’s trusted artists and services offer several benefits to our clients:

  • Outstanding customer service: You will be well cared for before, during, and after your procedure. DAELA has served over 20,000 customers and has earned over 2000+ 5-Star reviews.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing because setting the standard for customer service, studio cleanliness and quality of artists doesn’t mean you have to over-pay!
  • Full-service studio: You can have all your cosmetic tattoos done by trusted artists.
  • Training: All of our artists are master artists or trained by master artists.
  • Natural products: We use natural products with pigments chosen for endurance and lack of color change.
  • Financing: We accept all major credit cards. We offer financing through a third-party provider and an easy in-house prepayment plan free of interest or other fees.