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Brow Shock: 6 Things to Understand

The Art of Patience: Navigating the Brow Shock Journey

Navigating the Brow Shock Journey

Welcome to the world of brow tattoos, where patience is not just a virtue; it’s the secret ingredient to unlocking the perfect, long-lasting arches you’ve always dreamed of. Today, let’s dive into the phenomenon known as “brow shock” with Amie Lewis of DAELA Portland and explore why patience is your ultimate brow BFF during the healing process. This article will focus on Ombre Powder brows, but people experience brow shock with all forms of cosmetic brow tattoo. There are lots of pictures of fresh and healed powder brow work in this blog, these visuals of Ombre Powder Brows paint a clear picture of what to expect.

If you don’t know the difference between powdered brows and hairstroke brows, check out this blog: Powder Brows vs. Microblading.

The Art of Patience: Navigating the Brow Shock Journey
The Art of Patience: Ombre Powder Brows Before & Healed by Amie Lewis DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo

Understanding Brow Shock: The Waiting Game

So, you’ve just had your brows tattooed, and they’re looking sharp, precise, and maybe a tad darker than expected. Don’t panic – you’ve just stepped into the realm of brow shock. This temporary state occurs as the pigment settles, and your skin goes through the natural healing process.

The Art of Patience: Navigating the Brow Shock Journey
The Art of Patience: Bottom picture is immediately after the appointment and top picture is healed.

The Art of Patience: 6 Things to Understand about Brow Shock

Things our grandmothers say: “Patience is a virtue.” “Don’t take yourself so seriously.”  “Be kind to yourself.” “Get your feet off my furniture.” Well, grandmothers know best, and unless you were “raised in a barn” a bit of patience should come naturally.

1.Healing Takes Time:

Much like any artistic masterpiece, your new brows need time to settle and evolve. The healing process can take a full 4 weeks to be completely healed, but they look really great after about a week. During this time, your brows might seem darker or more intense than the final result and you’ll have a bit of flaking. Trust the process – good things come to those who wait!

2. Post-Treatment TLC:

Imagine your brows as delicate watercolor paintings. To preserve their vibrancy, treat them with care. Avoid picking, scratching, or exposing them to excessive moisture during the initial healing period. Your artist will provide you with aftercare instructions – follow them diligently for the best results.

3. Say No to Panic Tweezing:

When brow shock hits, the urge to grab your tweezers and “fix” things may be overwhelming. Resist! Tweezing during the healing process can disrupt the pigment settling and result in uneven brows. Give your new arches the time they need to blossom naturally.

4. Don’t ‘Panic Wash’:

Don’t freak out and whatever you do, don’t try to scrub them away. DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo has been provided fabulous brows for almost a decade, so we are well versed in brow shock. We also understand that they heal great, especially after following aftercare procedures. many people love the extra dark look immediately after, but for those of you who don’t, just be patient. it is well worth it.

5. Embrace the Evolution:

Your brows are a work in progress, and every day brings a subtle change. Embrace the evolving shades and shapes as your brows transform into the customized, natural-looking beauties you envisioned.

6. Yes, You Have to Do This Twice:

There is a touchup 6-12 weeks after your initial appointment. Full disclosure: The touchup is easier and takes less time. Additionally, you’re the panic is over and now you just want them even more perfect. You will be so excited for your touchup.

The Art of Patience: Navigating the Brow Shock Journey
The Art of Patience: Healed on top and just after touchup on bottom.

Navigating the Brow Shock Journey:

Stay Calm and Confident:

Brows in the midst of brow shock are not your final look, but they’re a step closer to your brow goals. Trust your artist’s expertise and the healing process and remember that a little patience goes a long way.

We are here for you:

Just give us a call. Explain what you are experiencing, and our well-trained team can confirm if it is completely normal or not. You can upload images for us to review, even if it isn’t our work. DAELA Cosmetic tattoo is committed to elevating the cosmetic tattoo industry, we have your back.

In the end, brow shock is a natural part of the brow tattoo process, and with a dash of patience and a sprinkle of self-love, you’ll emerge with the bold, beautiful brows powdered brows you’ve always wanted. So, dear brow enthusiasts, keep calm, trust the journey, and get ready to flaunt those fabulous arches!

The Art of Patience: Navigating the Brow Shock Journey
The Art of Patience: Top – Immediately after, bottom- 6 weeks healed.

Where to Get Ombre Powder Brows?

DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo is unique in that we offer all cosmetic tattoo services in each location, and we have locations nationwide, including Portland, Scottsdale, Las Vegas and Vancouver, WA. Our luxurious studios house master artists who specialize in one or two techniques, making them some the best artists in the industry.

The Art of Patience: Navigating the Brow Shock Journey
The Art of Patience: Bottom- Before, Top- Healed