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Cosmetic Tattoo Artists: 5 Things to Consider When Seeking the Best!

Elevate Mature Skin with Permanent Makeup Trends in 2024

Why is it important to research cosmetic tattoo artists?

Because the permanent makeup industry is unregulated. Most states (other than Oregon) don’t have strict schooling or licensing standards for permanent makeup artists (PMU Artists). This leaves consumers in a bit of a quandary because it is left up to them to determine the quality of an artist. So, what should a consumer be looking for?

Below are 5 Things to Look For, a list that can be shortened to 1 Thing to Look For if you can check off the first box.,


Does your artist work for a well-known and trusted studio?

We are not saying that there aren’t great artists who are independent. There are, for sure. But choosing a well-known studio can alleviate you from having to get yourself through the rest of the steps listed in this blog because they have already checked the boxes for you!

Box #2

Does your cosmetic tattoo artist possess skill and expertise?

In addition, the skill and expertise of a cosmetic tattoo artist play a significant role in achieving desirable results. Through research, you can evaluate an artist’s qualifications, training, and experience in the field of cosmetic tattooing. This evaluation helps you determine whether they possess the necessary technical skills and knowledge to meet your expectations.

Why is it important to research cosmetic tattoo artists?
Why is it important to research cosmetic tattoo artists?

Box #3

Does your cosmetic tattoo artist follow safety and hygiene guidelines?

First and foremost, considering safety and hygiene is crucial due to the direct contact between needles, pigments, and the skin. Oddly enough, the cosmetic tattoo industry is not heavily regulated in most states. Oregon is the strictest state in relationship to health, safety and hygiene rules and because DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo hails from Oregon, we implement these guidelines in every studio.

Wherever you go, it is vital to find an artist who strictly follows safety protocols to prevent complications such as infections or allergic reactions.

Why is it important to research cosmetic tattoo artists?
All DAELA’s follow the same exacting health and safety rules!

Box #4

Does your cosmetic tattoo artist have a portfolio?

Each PMU artist has their own unique style and approach to their service specialty. By reviewing their portfolio or examples of their previous work, you can assess their artistic ability and determine if their style aligns with your personal preferences. In other words: Look at all their portfolio pictures and make sure you like what you see! This step ensures that the artist can deliver the specific aesthetic you desire.

nano blading vs microblading
Why is it important to research cosmetic tattoo artists?

Box #5

Does your cosmetic tattoo artist have great reviews?

Additionally, researching a PMU artist allows you to access client testimonials and reviews, providing valuable insights into their professionalism, communication, and customer satisfaction. Reading about others’ experiences helps you make an informed decision and choose an artist with a proven track record of happy clients. Look at the whole picture, everyone has some not great reviews.

Read 10-20 great reviews about someone and then follow by reading a couple bad ones. You can start to see a theme, if the great reviews far outweigh the so-so reviews. Typically, you can assume the great reviews are the consistency you are looking for and the not-so-great reviews can be eliminated, unless the not-so-great reviews are repeating the same concern. Then pay attention! Fun fact: 95% of consumers read reviews before purchasing but only 5% of consumers actually leave reviews! Here is an article with lots of review stats, you know, if you like stats.

Why is it important to research cosmetic tattoo artists?
Why is it important to research cosmetic tattoo artists?

Box # 6

Consider the longevity of permanent makeup.

Moreover, considering the longevity and maintenance of cosmetic tattoos is crucial. These tattoos are semi-permanent or permanent, requiring proper technique and pigment selection to ensure durability. Artists gain knowledge of color theory, pigment selection, and understanding of how different skin types age and retain pigment over time. This hard-earned knowledge ensures that your cosmetic tattoo ages gracefully and minimizes the need for frequent touch-ups.

Overall, conducting research on a PMU artist is essential to prioritize your safety, achieve satisfactory results, and have a positive experience throughout the process. It empowers you to make an informed decision, finding an artist who meets your expectations in terms of skill, style, and professionalism.

DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo has locations around the USA. Our mission? Set the standard for cosmetic tattoo, including quality of cosmetic tattoo services, quality of artists and a dedication to the Art of Great Customer Service.