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Types of cosmetic tattooing, and why you want them

People have been tinkering with their appearance for as long as humans have existed. From the ancient tradition of henna to Ötzi the Iceman’s sick tats, long-lasting cosmetics have always been around. In the brave new world of modern beauty, even more is possible. Over the decades, people have freed themselves from the tyranny of a single hair color, their natural lashes or nails, and dull lip color. Nowadays, there are as many types of cosmetic tattooing as there are places on your body to tattoo.

The ability to shape our bodies and love the face we see in the mirror every day is deeply meaningful. What is wonderful is that you can have cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows, lips and eyeliner and look completely natural, refreshed and fabulous. But with so many different types of cosmetic tattooing out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. So here are all the cutting-edge cosmetic tattooing types available today and all the reasons we love them!


Lipstick and lip gloss can be messy and annoying to reapply. Any makeup that can’t survive a date with a delicious sandwich is a massive drawback in our books. But with velvet lip blush tattoo, you never have to worry about excusing yourself to the powder room with a tube of lipstick. During the process, a cosmetic artist uses a delicate tattoo needle to deposit subtle color into your lips to give them a natural tint. Like most types of cosmetic tattooing, the effects look both natural and very striking. It’s a great way to get perfect “born this way” lips without the trouble of makeup.


image3 2There are two main types of cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows: microblading and ombre brows. These are essentially two different ways of making brows look fuller, darker, and all-around better. During a microblading procedure, your artist will make a series of tiny cuts along your brow and then apply color mimicking the appearance of hairs. The idea of getting dozens of little cuts on your face might sound more like a medieval torture method but fear not. Most people say it barely hurts at all with a bit of help from a topical numbing cream. Some pain or discomfort is normal, but like all forms of tattoo, it’ll give you something to brag about while your friends admire your perfect brows.

Ombre brows take a slightly different approach. Using small dots, this technique fills in eyebrows to look darker and bolder rather than strokes to mimic hair. The result is a brow that looks more “made-up” than the very natural effects of microblading. The right technique for you all comes down to which look you like best.


Ah, eyeliner. It’s the bane of many a beauty buff’s existence. Applying the perfect eyeliner is tricky and time-consuming, and even more annoying to fix if your hand slips. An eyeliner tattoo takes all the time and uncertainty out of your daily eye makeup routine. Like all other types of cosmetic tattooing, a numbing cream helps make this procedure more comfortable. Most eyeliner tattoos will accentuate your natural eye with a noticeable but toned-down effect. It’s a great way to get effortlessly striking eyes without any hassle at all.


Cosmetic tattooing for scars is a popular procedure. For people with unsightly or unwanted scars, it can make a huge emotional difference to see those markings fade away. Only certain scars will work with this technique, which deposits a color matching your skin tone into paler scar tissue. If the blemish is darker than your natural skin, there’s no way for this technique to lighten it. But for those with light scars, it’s incredible what scar camouflage tattoos can do. It even works on some stretch marks!


Whether you’re looking to save time on your morning makeup routine or camouflaging a scar for your emotional well-being, the world of cosmetic tattooing is as wonderful as it is diverse. At Daela Cosmetic Tattoo, we love helping our clients discover the best type of cosmetic tattooing for every need. New technology allows for more nuance than ever before, giving people the power of self-confidence and self-expression without being chained to a makeup bag. Cosmetic tattoos go so much deeper than beauty; they help people embrace the parts of themselves they’ve long struggled to accept. It’s not about being perfect: it’s about being you in the best way you can.

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