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Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It

Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It

What are the benefits of lip blush? How do you figure out the real deal with a Lip Blush? Why do you need it or want it and why should you get it?

I have been an artist of lip blush tattoo for over 5 years, and I have tattooed the lips of 1000+ fabulous people. The results are amazing, I love this cosmetic tattoo procedure.

Let’s dig into the many reasons that everyone, over the age of 18, can benefit from lip blush tattoo. The title of the article is: Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It, but there are probably more than 5 reasons, maybe you can find out for yourself with your own fabulous lip blush tattoo?

Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It
Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It

Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It by DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo

Top 5 Lip Blush Benefits

Here are our Top 5 Reasons People Love Lip Blush Tattoo:

Lip Blush Benefit #1

Fresh look color on your lips 24/7. Many people experience faded lips or light color lips. It really transcends age. Even if you love wearing lipstick, there are times it just isn’t convenient, like sleeping, exercising & swimming. Plus, lipstick wears off…even during important corporate meetings. So why not have perfectly blushed lips under that lipstick?

Lip Blush Benefit #2

Pair with Filler? Yes! My clients love to pair lip blush tattoo with filler! Paired with filler it is truly a one-two punch! If you love that filler look, you will love it even more with lip blush tattoo. And hey, once the filler wears off, you still have fabulous color!

Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It
Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It

Lip Blush Benefit #3

Lip blush tattoo defies aging by bringing back color and definition.

  • Lip blush can be performed on almost any skin type and any age unlike most cosmetic tattoos (unless it’s just gotten far too thin but we’re talking 75+)! I tattoo 70-year-old women day to day, and they look fabulous.
  • For anyone over the age of 40, you know what I am talking about. Lips lose their fullness, color and shape. Luckily lip blush tattoo can retore all of those temporary issues and you can have your lip blush refreshed well into your 60s and 70s.
  • Because lip blushing is performed by micro needling the color into the skin with a single needle technique called “whip shading”, we actually help the body to rebuild collagen and elastin while healing color. It’s a win-win!
  • Reinvent your youthful glow. We love the concept of aging gracefully…but we don’t have to take it lying down! Permanent makeup of all kinds (Lips, Brows, Brows, Brows & Eyeliner) helps us effortlessly rewind the clock a bit, all while saving serious time and energy on daily makeup application!
Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It
Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It

Lip Blush Benefit #4

Lip Blush Tattoo Offers Paramedical & Lip Reshaping Benefits

  • Lip blush is 100% customizable from shaping the cupids bow (the peaks and valley located in the center of your top lip), choosing a sheer, medium or lipstick coverage look and choosing the right color for you. Many people have slightly misshapen lips, and a lip blush tattoo can vastly improve shape.

Lip Blush can benefit those who are going through cancer treatments.

  • Many people who know in advance that they will be going through chemo will choose to get their lips blushed, have eyeliner tattoo and brow tattoos. This helps alleviate the feeling of looking ill and also creates their normal look, so when they lose hair, they still look great. We have heard from so many people that this alone elevates their mood through the toughest times.

Lip Blush can cover scars.

  • A surprisingly high number of people have scars on their lips from dog bites to tousles with their siblings. Lip Blush Tattoo can make a huge difference.
Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It
Lip Blush Benefits & Top 5 Reasons You Will Love It

Lip Blush Benefit #5

No more hassle.

Let’s not undersell this benefit! You can still wear lipstick if you choose, but if it wears off, no problem. Your lips will look fabulous with or without lipstick.

We did some math on how much time an average makeup wearer can save by not having to apply eyeliner, lipstick and brow makeup and it essentially saves you an entire week per year. That is a lot of time that can be spent with family, doing a hobby or whatever your heart desires.

In these blogs we are always asked to address the ‘con’ factor of our services. The reality is that the ‘cons’ are typically incredibly short lived (like a minimal amount of temporary pain). The biggest con is choosing an artist that isn’t qualified to do the work. Assuming you have done your homework and chosen an excellent artist working from a reputable studio, then the following are all you are left with:

3 Common Reasons People Don’t Get Lip Blush?

There are just a few temporary concerns:

  1. The most common concern is pain.

    . But here is the truth about the pain involved with any cosmetic tattoo procedure:

    1. Cosmetic Tattoo artists use numbing creams and gels, before and during the procedure. Reducing pain to a bare minimum.
    2. The minimal pain involved is easily tolerated and only lasts while the procedure is actually taking place.
  2. The second most common concern is price.

    If you want some excuses to indulge yourself on something fairly practical, here you go:

    1. You will save so much time!
    2. Is there someone in your life that would like it if you were ready faster? Maybe they should buy lip blush tattoo for your birthday?
    3. Some women who won’t leave the house without lipstick, with lip blush tattoo that inconvenience is kicked to the curb.
    4. We are all so busy, why should we have worry about whether or not our lips look good?
    5. Financing is now available for all cosmetic tattoo procedures.
  3. Some people are susceptible to cold sores.

    But there is a solution for that as well:

    1. You can ask your doctor to prescribe cold sore pills. They work as a preventative, and you can take them in advance of your appointment and for a few days after.

So long story short, don’t put lip blush in a box of “80s lipstick” or “lip liner” it’s SO much more than that and I bet you didn’t know over half the Celebs on the red carpet are sporting Permanent Makeup. That’s the point! It’s so discreet in some instances, they’ll wonder why you’re so perfect.

Where to Get Lip Blush Tattoo?

DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo is unique in that we offer all cosmetic tattoo services in each location, and we have locations nationwide, including Portland, Scottsdale, Las Vegas and Vancouver, WA. Our luxurious studios house master artists who specialize in one or two techniques, making them some the best artists in the industry. DAELA holds all artists to exacting standards, not just for their artistic mastery but also their manner, kindness and adherence to strict health and safety protocol. DAELA offers all services: Lips, eyeliner and microblading, powder brows, machine nano brows, freckles & beauty marks, brow lamination, henna brows, lash lift & tint as well as paramedical techniques which include areola restoration, scar camouflage, stretch mark camouflage and stretch mark and scar serum treatments, allowing us to partner you with the very best artist to achieve your best results. We serve adult clients of all ages and have 1000’s of 5-star reviews on Google, YELP & Facebook. Clients have travelled to our studios from all over the world. If you are considering cosmetic tattoo or paramedical tattoo, reach out to us for a free consultation, we are always happy to consult, even if you don’t book with us.