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Can you cover up a scar with tattoo?

There are lots of ways to cover up a scar temporarily. Longer sleeves and hemlines can help keep some scars under wraps, but warmer weather and the constant wardrobe wrangling make these options a drag. Anyone looking for a more permanent solution might wonder: can you cover up a scar with a tattoo?

Using a traditional ink tattoo to disguise the boundaries of a scar to a far more subtle scar camouflage procedure, you can absolutely cover up a scar with a tattoo. The best method will depend on the effect you’re looking for and the color of your scar.


If you appreciate a nice sleeve tattoo, covering up your scar with a tattoo can be a great choice. Body art can be an attractive and meaningful way to disguise a skin blemish. However, slapping a big piece of art over your scar isn’t for everyone. Scar tissue can be finicky when it comes to taking ink, and it may take multiple sessions with a skilled artist to ensure the ink gets full coverage in the scarred area. Many other people just aren’t that interested in permanent body art. And for people with scars on their face, well, a flashy tattoo might not be a hit at your next job interview. Luckily, a scar camouflage procedure is a great way to cover up your scar with a tattoo invisibly.

One of the most significant barriers to covering up a scar with a tattoo using any technique is the texture and color of the scar tissue. A scar camouflage tattoo works by depositing ink into paler scar tissue to more closely match the color of the surrounding skin (for a more in-depth description, check out our article here). Sadly tattoo ink doesn’t work as a concealer because it is deposited into the skin versus the concealer that sits on top of the skin. If the scar is darker than the skin around it, however, there’s no way to use color to lighten it. If you have a small, pale scar you want to cover up with a tattoo, you’re a good candidate for a scar camouflage tattoo. No matter what, it’s a great idea to talk to a body artist about what effect you want to achieve and what will work best with your skin.

scar camo


Once you’ve finished your scar camouflage appointment, good aftercare is crucial to achieving a long-lasting effect. The scar camouflage healing process is similar to any tattoo, and luckily it’s all pretty simple. Your artist will end your session by bandaging your tattoo, but you can remove the bandage when you get home and clean it. Wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and unscented soap before and after bed, and then apply your aftercare ointment in a thin, even layer. Repeat this process twice a day for at least five days and up to two weeks, when you’ll switch over a lighter unscented lotion. The main goal is to keep your healing tattoo at the optimal balance of moisture: not choked with creams and ointments, but not drying out either. Read more about pre and aftercare here.

ScarCamo After

If you’d like to talk to an experienced scar camouflage artist, give Daela Cosmetic Tattoo a call at (971) 337-5401 or book online today! Our internationally-trained award-winning artists are ready to find the best solution for your needs. Want to learn more about the various applications of cosmetic tattooing? Then click here!

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