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Should I get lip blush before or after fillers?

So, you’re ready for a lip makeover! Lip blushing enhances thin, colorless lips for a beautifully full and naturally tinted upgrade. If you’re in the market for both lip fillers and lip blushing, the first step is to decide whether to get a lip blush before or after fillers. Luckily, there’s a simple answer: always get a lip blushing procedure done first. Here’s why.


If you’re wondering what the difference is between lip blush vs. fillers, here’s a quick primer. Lip fillers plump lips because they are injected with a dermal filler. Lip blushing tattoo enhances your lips’ natural shade by adding pigment to make them subtly bolder and brighter and fuller with shape adjustment. Both treatments can help you achieve the gorgeous lips of your dreams, but you should always get the lip blush first.

Any specialist will give you the same answer if you ask about getting lip blush before or after fillers. The first reason has to do with how long each treatment lasts. Lip blushing can last up to three years without any touch-ups. Once you get the treatment, all you have to do is enjoy your beautifully tinted lips and get a touch up every year or so. On the other hand, lip fillers aren’t quite as long-lasting and will require multiple touch-ups in the amount of time it takes for your lip blush to fade. Fillers are also—hands down—more expensive. Get your lip blushing taken care of first, and you won’t have to worry about it again. You may also find that fillers are no longer needed with your shape adjustment and new color.

The second (and perhaps more important) reason to get your lip blush before fillers is that lip fillers will change the shape of your lips. This means that lip blush applied over lip fillers might not look right once the fillers have faded forcing you to continue to get them. In a worst-case scenario, your lip blush might even appear skewed or warped in your face’s natural state, requiring further touch-ups. A professional cosmetic artist will always treat unaltered, natural skin, so definitely schedule your lip blushing appointment before the lip fillers!

lip scar 3


Now that we’ve hashed out the what’s and whys on getting lip blush before or after fillers, you might be wondering what to expect from your upcoming lip blush appointment. The good news is that this treatment involves minimal pain and a super quick recovery time with just a bit of lip blush aftercare. At Daela Cosmetic Tattoo, we value your comfort highly, and our numbing cream is very effective at keeping the procedure quick and easy.


There are a couple of lip blush healing stages to expect after the procedure. Immediately after your appointment, your lips will be bold and bright for a day or two and then become chapped for one or two days afterward. This is normal and means your skin is healing over the new pigment, sealing your lovely lip color for years to come. Once the chapping fades after a short amount of time, your lip color will continue to shift as it merges with your lips’ natural color. At the end of one month, you’ll see the lip color in the mirror you can expect for the next two or three years.

If you have any further questions about getting lip blush before or after fillers or the benefits of a lip blushing treatment, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at (971) 337-5401 to chat with one of our artists or find more information on our website any time.

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