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Is lip blushing worth it?

Putting on makeup is like taking a blank canvas and slowly transforming it into a work of art and self-expression. Our lips especially deserve all the time and effort we spend getting them the perfect color and shape. But with how quickly many lip products wear off, getting lasting, gorgeous lips can feel like an exhausting struggle.

With lip blushing, though, you’ll never have to worry about reapplying a caked coat of lipstick in a restaurant bathroom ever again. But is lip blushing worth it in the end?


Lip blushing is the latest cosmetic procedure trend, and it’s worth getting excited over. As the name might suggest, lip blushing is a form of cosmetic tattooing which uses a gentle single needle technique to add a subtle layer of color to your lips. During your appointment with your cosmetic artist, you’ll draw shape directly onto your lips, then discuss your ideal lip color so they can customize the perfect color for your skin tone and beauty goals. Don’t worry; your cosmetic artist will use topical numbing the entire time! After the lip blushing procedure, your lips will be left with a soft “blush” of color, mimicking a subtle gloss or tint. For those who’d like a more vivid lip color, you can schedule additional appointments to build up a fully customized color over time, giving a more vibrant and bold lipstick look.

Lip blushing is a great way to maintain an all-natural look, and you can always put a layer of your favorite bright lipstick on for special occasions. If you’re tired of slathering makeup on your lip’s day after day, lip blushing is worth considering.

While the idea of someone coming at your lips with a needle might be an immediate deal-breaker for some, it’s not nearly as bad as you might think. Your cosmetic artist will start with a topical numbing cream and use a tiny single needle to add the pigment. The healing process takes between five to ten days, and the lip blushing lasts for two years after you complete the touch-up at 6-12 weeks. That’s two years of time and money saved on expensive lip products and long beauty routines.

With this semi-permanent procedure, you can throw out your collection of lipstick and gloss. The best thing about this treatment is that it looks totally natural, giving you subtly accentuated lips perfect for any occasion. If you want that evening look, just throw lipstick on top of it.



With so many factors that make lip blushing worth it, there are a few important caveats to consider. Initial lip blushing side effects are common but minor, such as post-procedure swelling and redness. As with any tattooing procedure, there is always a chance of infection or allergic reaction, which is why proper aftercare is essential. For many people, the cost of lip blush can be daunting, but $785-$985, for results that can last years, save time and anguish, and make your lips look fabulous is well worth it!

Cherishing the face you see in the mirror is a powerful act of self-love. All it takes is one look at a lip blushing before and after photo to see the striking difference.

lip blush

Crafting the perfect, natural-looking lip makeup takes a long time, and maintaining your work takes effort. There’s nothing worse than spending ages in front of a mirror using a half dozen products only to have your makeup begin disappearing the second you take a sip of coffee. Lip blushing offers you years of beautifully tinted and symmetrical lips with absolutely no effort. With lip blushing, you save time and energy, and you don’t have to worry about smearing or loss of pigment as you go about your day.

So, is lip blushing worth it? We certainly think so! If you don’t believe us, read some of our rave lip blush reviews. Then, head over to our website and choose the location of your choice, if you’d like more information on this time-saving and subtle procedure. Our highly skilled artists would love to help you craft your perfect look!

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