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Hesitant? Try Henna Brows Before Ombre Brows!

Hesitant about Ombre Brows? Try henna brows first!

How Can Henna Brows assist in deciding on Ombre Brows?

Henna Brows are great for people who can’t have a cosmetic tattoo procedure due to skin conditions. They beautifully mimic the look of Ombre Powder Brows, are gentle to the skin, and simultaneously tint your brows. Bute there is another way to use Henna Brows: To help decide if you will like the Ombre Powder Brow look. The key distinguishing factor between the two lies in the temporary nature of Henna Brows as they involve the application of a temporary dye to both the skin and hair, creating well-shaped and visible eyebrows that last for about 6-8 weeks. This technique utilizes a natural substance derived from the earth, available in various shades from blonde to black. Whereas Ombre Powder Brows are a permanent makeup technique utilizing a machine-tool and pigments to create a look that lasts 2-3 years!

About Henna Brows

The artistry of Henna Brows lies in its ability to imitate the appearance of Ombre Brows. By temporarily dyeing both the skin and brow hairs, they create a powdered brow look, similar to the soft and powdery finish achieved with Ombre Powder Brows. This resemblance is not merely aesthetic but serves as a practical benefit for those who are hesitant about committing to Ombre Brows. Trying Henna Brows provides a preview of the powdered brow style without the longer-term commitment associated with Ombre Brows. At DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo, the skilled artists not only apply the henna but also shape the brows meticulously, cleanse the area thoroughly, and select a henna color that harmonizes with the individual’s hair.

Hesitant about Ombre Brows? Try henna brows first!
Hesitant about Ombre Brows? Try henna brows first! HENNA BROWS

About Ombre Powder Brows:

Now, let’s delve into the realm of Ombre Powder Brows. This technique offers a soft powdered look, akin to applying a touch of brow makeup. It enhances the shape and definition of eyebrows without relying on the hair stroke technique commonly found in microblading or nanoblading. For individuals who find themselves uncertain or nervous about opting for Ombre Brows, Henna offers a cost-effective and tangible solution with immediate results.

Choosing Henna Brows before committing to Ombre Powder Brows is not only a smart aesthetic decision but also a strategic one. Henna can be applied on almost any skin type and age group, making them a versatile option for a broad demographic. This inclusivity is especially beneficial for more mature clients who may not be eligible for traditional tattooing methods. DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo takes pride in offering Henna as a viable option for this demographic, ensuring that everyone has access to a temporary and impactful solution for enhancing their eyebrows.

The versatility of Henna as a trial option is further emphasized by its compatibility with diverse skin tones and hair colors. The range of henna shades available allows individuals to experiment with different looks, providing a valuable experience in choosing the most suitable brow aesthetic.

Try Henna Brows Before Ombre Brows!
Ombre Powder Brows by DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo


In conclusion, the decision between Henna Brows and Ombre Powder Brows is not just about aesthetics but also about practicality and personal preferences. Henna Brows serve as a steppingstone, allowing individuals to dip their toes into the world of powdered brows before committing to the more permanent effects of Ombre Brows. This trial-and-error approach, facilitated by the skilled artists at DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo, ensures that clients make informed decisions tailored to their unique features and desires. Whether one opts for the temporary allure or the enduring elegance, the journey begins with a choice that aligns with individual preferences and aesthetic goals.

Lina Anderson

Co-CEO & Master Artist

DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo