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Brow Techniques | DAELA Portland

Which is best for you?

4 Fabulous Techniques

Brow tattooing has come a long way! From the begining of solid tattoos on the brow to microblading, this ever-evolving industry has updated line-up that promises something for everyone!

While some people are candidates for all techniques, others, based on skin type, desired look and age, may be best suited to a style they haven’t even considered or even heard of! If you aren’t sure which you want or which is best for you, we can help!

At DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Portland, we have a staff of specialized brow artists, so no matter what style you want, we have an artist who will masterfully create your dream brows!


Microblading (Nanoblading) is the technique that started the brow craze. The technique utilizes a hand-held tool, utilizing micro or nano sized needles, that allow the artists to create realistic, hairlike strokes.

Skin Types: Normal, non-oily, non-wrinkled skin, non-thin skin. No scarring. 

Microblading Portland Oregon

Machine Nano Brows

This technique delivers the same look as microblading, but the artist utilizes a machine tool. This tool creates a realistic hairstoke at a shallower depth than microblading. Been turned down for microblading in the past? 

Skin Types: All skin types including oily, sensitive or thinner skin. Can be combined with powder shading for those who have previous work to cover, delivering a combo brow look.

Machnine nano brows

Ombre Powder Brows

Powder Brow artists use a machine tool to create a soft powder look. This look can be subtle to bold and appears as though you have masterfully applied brow powder.

Skin Types: All skin types including oily, sensitive or thinner skin who do not want to add any hairstrokes to their brow. Great for those with previous work to cover. 

Ombre Brows Portland

Combo Brows

Combo Brows are simply a combination of realistic hairstrokes, applied with a machine or hand too, combined with machine powder shading.

Skin Types: All skin types including oily, sensitive or thinner skin.  Combo brows have a few realistic hairstrokes and powder shading, making them great to cover previous work.

Ombre Brows Portland Oregon

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