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Freckles & Beauty Marks at DAELA Portland

A kiss from the sun, or a DAELA artist, who will know? 

Faux Freckles for Fun, Beauty Marks for Drama

About Freckles & Beauty Marks

Faux freckles are tiny tattoos that replicate natural freckles. This fun service gives you a summer-y, sun-kissed glow all year round.

We can add to the freckles you have or give you the freckles you never had for a fresh, make-up free look.

Beauty marks are strategically placed to add drama and intrigue.

Safe for everyone and will enhance the look of laying out in the sun, without the risk of sun damage.  

Why would you get beauty marks or freckles? Look at some iconic models and movie start that have freckles or beauty marks. They just look good. 

Group 6 Play Video about Freckles & Beauty Marks DAELA Portland

Faux Freckles & Beauty Mark Pricing

Freckles $300

This service is booked by the hour.  If you want more than a natural dusting of freckles, additional appointments may be required.

Please submit a photo of what you’d like using the form below if you want a full face of freckles.

Beauty Mark $150

Beauty mark appointment takes 1/2 hour. You can have up-to 3 Beauty Marks

We require a $100 non-refundable deposit on all freckle and beauty mark appointments. You may reschedule no less than 48 hours prior to appointment. No-show will result in total loss of deposit.

Before & After Care Instructions.

Freckle & Beauty Marks at DAELA Portland

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Freckles & Beauty Mark FAQs

The length of time will vary due to skin types but on average, you will see your freckles last 6 months before you see them fade fully away.

All skin types work with faux freckles, however, since we are working on heavy oil producing areas, extremely oily skin types may not be ideal. This can cause lack of retention; therefore, we cannot guarantee results on extremely oily skin.

Natural freckles are very warm so we always use very warm blonde, red or brown tones depending on your undertones. The darkness and depth is decided by your artist depending on your overall skin tones and chosen to be a soft, natural healed look. It’s a custom color for you.

The amount is very customizable. Anywhere from a little to a lot is possible. You will discuss this with your artist, as well as placement. They will be able to guide you to the look that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Expect minimal discomfort. Numbing is applied for the procedure, and the procedure is relatively quick.

We are happy to add to what you have. Faux freckles blend beautifully with your natural ones.

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