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Why Choose Machine Nano Brows: The Ultimate Guide

machine nano brows

Why choose machine nano brows? Achieving beautifully sculpted, natural-looking eyebrows has become a global beauty trend. Traditionally, microblading has been the go-to method for creating hair-stroke-like effects, but now, there’s a new kid on the block – machine nano brows (MNB for short). While machine nano brows are typically a more expensive service, they offer several advantages that might make them the ideal choice for many individuals.

Don’t get us wrong! We love microblading and it will always be a relevant, excellent choice of many choices for those seeking brow solutions. But some people aren’t candidates for microblading so, in this blog, we’ll explore why someone might opt for machine nano brows over traditional microblading and delve into the facts supporting this choice.

Why Choose Machine Nano Brows: The Ultimate Guide
Why Choose Machine Nano Brows: The Ultimate Guide

Why Choose Machine Nano Brows?

There are multiple reasons that make MNB the newcomer star permanent makeup service, welcoming them to the permanent makeup scene. The first and probably most important thing is that machine nano brows allow those who have been turned down for microblading, to achieve that same look!

Machine Nano Brows Have a Striking Resemblance to Microblading:

Machine Nano Brows are designed to offer the same hair-stroke-like effects as traditional Microblading. This means you can still achieve those natural-looking, perfectly defined brows that have made microblading so popular. In fact, the primary objective of machine nano brows is to replicate the appearance of real eyebrow hair, ensuring your brows look as authentic as possible.

The key differentiator between Machine Nano Brows and traditional Microblading is the tool used. While microblading relies on a hand-held tool with fine micro or nano sized needles, Machine Nano Brows employ a handheld machine.

There are Four Distinct Benefits to the Machine Tool Approach:

1. Machine Nano Brows Work Within a Shallower Skin Layer:

One crucial advantage of MNB is their ability to work within a shallower layer of the skin compared to traditional microblading. There are two direct results from this depth application:

2. The superficial application of pigment means that the results tend to be less permanent.

While microblading can last for 2-5 years or longer, MNB fade quicker, allowing for refresh appointments every 1-2 years. This can be an advantage for those who may want to change their brow style or color over time.

3. Machine Nano Brows are Suitable for Oily, Thin or Sensitive Skin Types:

Traditional microblading may not be ideal for everyone, particularly individuals with certain skin types. Like Ombre Powder Brows, MNB are an excellent option for those with mature, thinner skin or those with oily or sensitive skin. MNB have opened brow tattoo possibilities for those who have been turned down for microblading in the past!

4. Machine Shading + Machine Nano Brows for a Soft Powdered Look:

Also, like Ombre Powder Brows, machine shading is also available with MNB, creating a soft powdered look. This technique involves a gradual transition of color and shading, resulting in a more filled-in, powdered appearance. Machine shading can be a wonderful choice for those who prefer a slightly bolder brow style or want to achieve that elegant, powdered effect without the need for daily makeup application. It is also great when covering previous brow work that has not completely faded.

Why Choose Machine Nano Brows: The Ultimate Guide
Machine Nano Brows by Haley Wight DAELA Scottsdale

Machine nano brows are a modern solution for those who want the beauty and natural look of microblading but need more flexibility, precision, and adaptability. It’s popping up in magazines already. Ultimately should you choose MNB or microblading? This is probably a question better asked of your trusted brow artist. If you are going to a studio that offers both services, you will be guided to the services that is best for you! While it may come at a slightly higher price point, the benefits it offers, including a gentler approach and suitability for various skin types, make it a worthwhile investment for many. If you’re looking for striking, natural-looking brows that cater to your unique skin type and preferences, MNB could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Where to Get Machine Nano Brows?

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