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Cosmetic Tattoo & Training Financing

DAELA Portland offers financing options for services and training. Discover the right plan for you.

Service & Academy Financing

PRIVI financing at DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo
Why we love PRIVI!

Introducing PRIVI, the incredible new financing platform that’s changing the game with true 0% interest for all who qualify! Experience a hassle-free, soft credit pull, and rest easy knowing PRIVI only reports to credit bureaus if a payment is missed.

Whether you’re eyeing Services or Academy Courses at DAELA, PRIVI is your perfect financial partner. If you’re a DAELA enthusiast, this is the financing solution you’ve been waiting for!

Alternative Service Financing Options

Cherry is a fun way to get your service now and pay later! It is an instant financing program that does a soft pull and then you can book and pay immediately. The rate and payment plans vary based on credit score.

DAELA Suggestion: If you already have Cherry, use it! If you don’t ask us about the benefits of PRIVI.

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for your health and wellness needs. CareCredit is accepted at over 250,000 providers nationwide and we are proud to offer CareCredit to our clients.

DAELA Suggestion: If you already have CareCredit, use it! If you don’t you may want to look at PRIVI!