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The Essential Service All PMU Artists Must Offer: Lash Line Enhancement

Welcome to DAELA Academy and Foundations of Eyeliner Training! Whether you’re just starting or have been in the industry for a while, it’s natural to feel a bit hesitant about adding new services to your repertoire. One particular technique, however, stands out as both a beginner-friendly option and a smart choice for experienced artists looking to expand their offerings. I’m talking about the highly effective and versatile “Lash Line Enhancement.”


Unveiling the Lash Line Enhancement:

Lash Line Enhancement is a subtle tattooing technique where ink is skillfully placed in between the lashes. The goal is not to create a dramatic wing or a full-on makeup look but to make the lash line appear naturally darker and denser. When done correctly, this procedure delivers exceptional results that look as if the client was blessed with naturally beautiful lashes.

The beauty of Lash Line Enhancement lies in its simplicity. It is a low to no-pain service that takes only about 2 hours to complete. The results can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years before a touch-up is needed. Moreover, an astounding 99% of your clientele can benefit from this treatment, making it an incredibly inclusive and valuable addition to your services.

Angela healed lash line enhancement

Addressing Client Pain Points:

One of the reasons why Lash Line Enhancement is so sought after is its ability to address various client concerns. For those with lash extensions, it can make the grow-out phase look less sparse, providing a seamless transition. Clients with thinner skin or reservations about full eyeliner commitment find this service to be a gentle and non-invasive alternative. Moreover, individuals dealing with conditions like Trichotillomania or Alopecia can benefit from the definition and depth this technique adds to their eyes.

But it’s not just about solving problems—Lash Line Enhancement also caters to clients looking to enhance their natural beauty. The technique can make eyes appear more open, awake, and radiant, making it a popular choice for those seeking a subtle yet effective enhancement.

angelas lash line enhancement

An Opportunity for Growth:

For experienced PMU artists looking to expand their menus and attract a broader clientele, Lash Line Enhancement is a must-have service. Depending on your region and expertise, you can charge upwards of $600 to $800 for this procedure. Given its relatively short completion time, it presents a fantastic opportunity to increase your earnings and appeal to a diverse range of clients.

The Foundation of Advanced Techniques:

Beyond the financial incentives, mastering Lash Line Enhancement is essential for artists who aspire to excel in advanced eyeliner styles. This technique forms the base and foundation for all other sophisticated eyeliner procedures. Therefore, becoming proficient in Lash Line Enhancement lays the groundwork for your success in the world of permanent makeup artistry.

Join the Daela Cosmetic Tattoo Academy:

Are you ready to take your permanent makeup career to the next level? Join us at the DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Academy, where we offer comprehensive training in the art of Lash Line Enhancement. Our courses cover everything you need to know, from safe and effective procedure techniques to effective marketing strategies for this lucrative service.

DAELA Academy


The world of permanent makeup artistry is full of exciting opportunities to help clients enhance their natural beauty and gain newfound confidence. Lash Line Enhancement stands out as the ideal starting point for aspiring PMU artists and an indispensable addition to the offerings of experienced professionals. Embrace this versatile technique, and let your clients revel in the joy of waking up with effortlessly beautiful eyes every day. Embark on your journey towards mastering Lash Line Enhancement today!

Angela Vice

Artist & Trainer

DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Academy

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