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Brow Lamination: Pros and Cons

You want full, perfectly shaped eyebrows, but your unruly, patchy, bushy, or poorly shaped brows just aren’t cutting it. Perhaps you’ve already tried waxing, tweezing, or threading but have yet to find the right solution for your challenging eyebrows. Enter brow lamination.

If you’re interested in this new eyebrow shaping technique, weighing the pros and cons of brow lamination can help determine if it is the right fit for you. This process can also be a steppingstone on your way to diving into the world of a more permanent resource, like microblading.

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Before scheduling your first appointment, it’s helpful to understand the service so you can carefully consider the pros and cons of brow lamination. The brow lamination procedure uses a semi-permanent solution to form your eyebrows into your desired shape. Goodbye, brow pencils, gels, brushes, and tints! Brow lamination will free you from the daily nuisance of shaping your eyebrows into place. The result is fuller, more shapely eyebrows that will last up to eight weeks, making brow lamination well worth it.

The brow lamination process is simple and relatively quick, usually taking only 30-40 minutes. First, your artist will place a relaxing serum over your eyebrows, which straightens out the individual hairs so your artist can easily style them. Then, your artist will comb your eyebrows into your desired shape and apply a neutralizing cream, which solidifies the new placement of each strand of hair. You can also add a blonde, red, brown, or black tint while you’re at it, which gives your eyebrows added depth and richer color. Voila! Your brows are now perfectly styled and will stay that way for many weeks to come.


When considering brow lamination’s pros and cons, the benefits really start to add up! Unlike waxing, threading, or tweezing, brow lamination is a pain-free way to achieve full, beautiful, and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Since it’s a low-maintenance, semi-permanent process that lasts up to eight weeks, it frees you from the hassle of daily eyebrow styling. It’s also different from other eyebrow shaping techniques because brow lamination doesn’t affect hair growth. Even if you’ve already had your eyebrows microbladed, you can still enjoy the benefits of eyebrow lamination after your brows have had some time to heal fully.

As with most cosmetic perming processes, brow lamination utilizes chemicals, which may not make it the right choice for everyone. People with extremely fine hair, light eyebrows, or hair loss might benefit more from other brow shaping procedures, such as microblading or ombre brows, as the brow lamination process can be unsuccessful for these brow types. Some people also experience dry eyebrows and eyelids after receiving a brow lamination. However, you can minimize the potential damage or drying effects of the lamination chemicals with proper moisturization and brow lamination aftercare. Highly trained artists will not perform brow lamination if it will not result in a wonderful outcome. This is why research and proper technique are just as important for brow lamination as they are for microblading.

When weighing all the pros and cons, brow lamination offers many benefits in the quest to achieve full, uniform, low-maintenance eyebrows. So, is brow lamination worth it? For the right people, the answer is a resounding yes!



If you’re still searching for the perfect eyebrow shaping solution, brow lamination may be an excellent option! To learn more about how you can achieve full, beautiful eyebrows without the daily hassle of shaping or the pain of other techniques, check out our website and then call us at (971) 337-5401. We would love to schedule your brow lamination appointment with one of our amazing artists.

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