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Lip Blush Training

Lip Blush Training at DAELA Academy in Vancouver, WA with Master Artist Lina Anderson.

Learn machine technique, lip shape and anatomy and leave ready to work. 

Meet Lina

Lip Blush Trainer & Co-Owner DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo

Lina’s lip blush training focuses on her velvet lip blush technique. Her innovative approach utilizes nano needles for multiple densities: Sheer, medium or opaque application. This technique allows trainees to effortlessly infuse the lips with a flawless blushed color, offering her clients a virtually painless experience with no downtime.

Having received international training for lip tattoo, Lina has developed her own distinctive and highly successful lip blush technique. She is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the industry, specializing in lip blush tattooing, dark lip neutralization, men’s lips, color theory, and facial scarring.

Lina’s commitment to excellence includes sharing her choice of top-of-the-line products and tools. With meticulous attention to detail, she takes pride in creating remarkably realistic and natural-looking results. Trainees can confidently rely on Lina’s expertise to enhance their lip game, knowing they will achieve stunning outcomes that surpass expectations.

Lip Blush Training Overview & Class Schedule

Course includes: Kit, online training, 86-pagebound manual which includes: Lina’s custom color mixes, preferred vendor list, step-by-step technique guide, tray set-up, sanitization practices and a special section on color neutralizing dark lips. 

Valuable Kit Includes: Numbing products, pigments, mapping tools, fake skins, two boxes of needles, a bunch of Lina’s favorite goodies, and a tattoo machine.

Group 111

Day 1: Lip Blush Training

  • Continental breakfast and lunch provided at our Vancouver WA academy.
  • Receive your kit.
  • Velvet Lip Blush technique and color theory 
  • Mixing Pigment
  • Skin tones, color-matching and technical tips & tricks.
  • Practice shape sketching and pencil shading.
  • Lina will live demo a full lip appointment.
    • You may take video & photos
Group 132

Day 2: Lip Blush Training

  • Continental breakfast & lunch provided at our vancouver, Wa academy.
  • Learn machine work: perfect skin depth.
  • Practice for hours on fake skin
  • How to post & market on IG.
  • Starting your own business.
  • Your Live Model
    • Learn appointment process start to finish
    • Draw shape
    • Complete procedure
    • Photos & video will be taken.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion.
Group 123

Daela Ongoing Support

We believe in setting our trainees up for success by providing ongoing support. 

For quick questions please reach out to us via phone or email and get the help you need.

We also provide continued access to the corresponding online training course.

If you need more than a quick answer, greater support or you have never taken a DAELA training and would like an hour of our time then please see below for a la carte pricing.

Lip Blush Additional Training

ONLINE Course Included with In-Person Training:

In-person lip blush training students will receive access to online training upon receipt of class deposit.

Online training sets the groundwork for color theory and technique theory. Completion of online training is required prior to attending class.

A la carte menu:
  • Consulting via Zoom, Phone or Email: $150 per hour
  • Additional Shadow Day $750
  • Additional Model Day $1250
  • Online Training $785
  • One-on-One course: $1000 additional to course cost.

See FAQ’s below for exciting details on all a la carte items!


Lip Blush Training Upcoming In-Person Classes

Choose Your Dates!

One-on-One Course Cost $5995

$1000 deposit includes instant access to online training.

May 23-24, 2024

Course Cost $4995 

$1000 deposit includes instant access to online training

Oct 10-11, 2024

Course cost $4995 

$1000 deposit includes instant access to online training

DAELA Academy Student

Send us your info if you are interested in taking a course!

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Training FAQs

One-on-One training is a dream come true!

You will receive the full, normal course training with access to online training and additional (huge) benefits:

  1. You will be the only student with 100% of the trainer's attention on you.
  2. You choose convenient dates with the trainer!

Consulting applies to you if you are:

  • a previous student requiring additional training (more than just a quick question)
  • a professional who has some detailed questions for our artists but might not need a full training.

If you have detailed questions about specifics of any course, you can schedule a Zoom, phone call or email with the trainer. 

Call to schedule!

Note: our staff will answer questions you have about a course you are considering taking at no charge, ask all the questions you want! The consulting is specifically for circumstances where you need the full attention of our artists for an hour or more.

The charge is $150 per hour. 

Shadow Days are available to students who have completed a course. 

They can be tacked on to the end of a training or scheduled after the training.

You will spend a day with your trainer and observe them through the normal course of business:

  • Receiving clients
  • Gathering waiver signatures
  • Consulting
  • performing services
  • Checking them out
  • All other daily activities which include spending time on social media, building trays, and sanitizing their space.

Who is this good for? This is an exceptional day if you are new to the business and have never interacted with clients or if you have been in the business and feel you could use some 'bedside manner' training or help in task managing your busy day.

Cost: $750

A Model Day looks like this:

  • You will spend the first half of the day observing the trainer take a client.
  • You will do additional machine work.
  • Lunch is provided.
  • After lunch you will take a live model!

This addition is valuable to someone new in the business who feels they need additional live model work and would also benefit from seeing the artist work on another client. This is very much like a Shadow Day except you get time on the machine on fake skins and on a live client.

Cost: $1250

Online Training is a detailed training available a la carte and is also included with in-person courses. 

The course is pre-recorded, so you take the sections as your time allows.

If you sign up for an in-person course, you are given instant access to the online training.

If you take online training and then want to add the in-person course, we deduct the $785 you paid for the online training from your course cost!

Every course comes with a $500 future course credit.

If you are interested in taking one or all of our courses, you will receive $500 off each course, after the first course! 

We purposefully keep our class sizes to 6 or fewer students. This ensures quality one-on-one time with the instructor as well as develop relationships with your peers. You will also have quality time with your instructor while working on a live model. Working directly with the master artist is the key to a successful technique and training.

Tattoo licenses are required to work in most states. If you are not currently licensed in your state, please become familiar with your state guidelines, you can’t work on clients in your state without obtaining required state licensing. We do not license for tattoo in any state.

Note: Oregon licensing requires that tattoo artists attend full time school, 50 practical’s and must pass state boards to obtain a license. This licensing process is lengthy and cannot be avoided. Our courses teach additional technique and while they can be taken before obtaining Oregon licensing, we like to make it clear that Oregon residents, working in Oregon, must have a valid Oregon Tattoo License. This training does not count toward Oregon school required hours but does count toward your continued educational hours. We teach technique not taught in Oregon Licensed Tattoo Schools, so our training is invaluable to a new artist working in the cosmetic tattoo industry.

The course spans two days. The online training portion of the course is available for 12 months and you can access it as often as you like. We also offer support via email for life. Your questions will be answered by Daela Academy staff and escalated to Master Artists if need be.

Yes! Working with a live model is imperative to your success. Learning how to work on the skin is the most important part of an in-person course. Each student will have time on the skin to learn with proper one on one instruction. Notes: Some courses will include a shared model, while others will have individual models. If you cannot prove technique on fake skins, we may not allow you to work on a live model.  However, if you have not mastered a sufficient technique and need more time to practice, you may attend an additional class and work on a live model at no additional cost to you. We will require that you submit skins to us for review before signing you up for an additional class.

We provide continental breakfast and lunch and beverages.  If you have strict dietary concerns, please let us know in advance.  We would love to accommodate your dietary restrictions, if we cannot then we will recommend you bring your own food.

We have a state-of-the-art training academy located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, WA just a few minutes' walk from the Vancouver waterfront, restaurants and hotels! The Academy is 20 minutes from Portland International Airport.

We are proud to say that class is casual and fun! You may dress comfortably, but please be aware that we take video and pictures during class. Dress as you would at your place of business, when working on clients. Jeans are fine, funky is fine. Our community is very supportive and inclusive, please express yourself and leave here feeling inspired and empowered.

Just bring yourself. We will provide everything you need for class.

*Areola trainee note: If you already have a tattoo machine that you want to use, please bring it. We will ensure it will work properly for the technique. You are not required to bring a machine, we supply them for students.

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