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Meet the Artist

Erica, Co-Owner of DAELA


Microblading & Nanoblading

Machine Nano Brows


Oregon and Washington Licensed Tattoo Artist
Licensed Esthetician
Microblading Certified by Eye Design New York
Brow Daddy Certified
Tina Davies I<3 Ink Certified
Swiss Canada Machine Certified

Erica: Co-Founder of Daela Cosmetic Tattoo

Erica has been in the beauty industry since 2007 with a background in makeup and esthetics. A pioneer microblading artist since 2015, Erica has spent that time traveling the world to places like London, New York, Canada and the US gaining invaluable knowledge of her craft.

Erica is one of the best microblade artists in the world and continues to provide services to clients, mentor studio artists, and is a trainer at DAELA Academy.

Erica's Work