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Taylin's Work

Meet the Artist



Microblading & Nanoblading
Ombre Powder Brows & Combo Brows

  • Oregon Tattoo licensed
  • Nai Beauty
  • Bowler Esthetics
  • DAELA Academy 
About Taylin

I got into this industry because I myself have always been insecure about my brows. The way I used to draw them on, people in high school would make fun of me. When I learned that there is a way to map and enhance my brows to fix the insecurity I became obsessed with watching and learning about it. 

Through cosmetic tattoo I found the thing I genuinely loved doing, and the reactions my clients give after seeing the results, loving their brows, and feeling better in their own skin is amazing! 

When I’m not working on my craft, I am a huge fitness girly. The gym is my 2nd home. I have three kids (aka my dog and two cats!) and my one-in-a-million-boyfriend. I’m a huge animal person. My dream is to come howe to my own farm full of animals.

Plants are another hobby of mine, my whole room is a jungle and I love it. 

I hope I get the pleasure of having you in my chair soon and help you with your brow goals!