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Meet the Artist



Ombre Powder Brows


Washington Licensed Tattoo Artist 

Oregon Licensed Tattoo Artist

1:1 Microblading/Powder Brows with Amiree Moore Certified 

1:1 Microblading with Erica Johnson Certified 

Lina Anderson Lip Blush Certified 

Master Supercilium Henna Brow Expert Certified 

LACQUER Lamination Certified 

What we love about Amie

Amie owned her own cosmetic tattoo business, AEL Beauty, before joining the team at DAELA!

Passionate about Ombre Brows, Amies brings her talent and sweet spirit to our team. Amie excels at borderless Ombre Powder Brows, creating a very natural, soft brow. She is exceptional at color correction, a very important skillset for brows artists.

Amie is also a trainer at DAELA Academy, offering a class on Borderless Ombre Powder Brows.


Amie's Work

Amie's Customer Reviews