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Eyeliner Tattoo in Scottsdale, AZ

DAELA Scottsdale offers the perfect way to have spot on eyeliner, with no hassle, with permanent eyeliner tattoo.

Perfect eyeliner with no work!

About Eyeliner Tattoo

We take pride in offering long-lasting, natural-colored eyeliner that stands the test of time. Choose the style that suits you best from our selection of natural lash line enhancement, classic eyeliner, winged, or dusty shadow liner.

Eyeliner tattooing opens up your eyes and provides definition. It can also impart a youthful appearance and amplify your lashes, making your eyes truly captivating. 

Enjoy your service at our luxury studio, with our expert Scottsdale team located in Kierland Commons! Enjoy being pampered with excellent customer service, the best artists in the industry, and private treatment rooms.

Beyond the flawless, always-on-point eyeliner, it liberates you from the daily chore of applying (and reapplying) eyeliner. Whether you’re hitting the gym, heading to work, enjoying a fun night out, or taking a dip in the pool, your eyeliner will stay perfect without a second thought. 

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DAELA Scottsdale's Eyeliner Tattoo Menu

Artists: Kellee

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Lash Line Enhancement $650

Classic Liner $750

Winged Liner $850

Dusty Shadow Liner $850

  • Touch-Up @ 6-12 Weeks $100
    • Best Choice for best result.
  • Touch-Up @ 13-20 Weeks
    • Available if 6-12 Week Touch-Up is inconvenient for you!

Color Correction $850

Please send photos to [email protected] to book this service. This service is provided for those with previous liner that is no longer black or brown.

Refresh $550- $650

Prices range based on original style of liner. Refresh appointment must be booked within 18-24 months of initial service. One touch up 6-10 weeks after refresh appointment is included.

Liner Add-on Service | $450

Add-on service allows you to add to lash line enhancement or classic liner by thickening the line or adding wing or dusty shadow. You must have had your original service at Daela Cosmetic Tattoo within 12 months. Please call to book 971-337-5401/

We require a $250 non-refundable deposit on all appointment bookings. You may reschedule no later than 48 hours prior to appointment. Late cancellations or no-show will result in total loss of deposit.

Financing Available!

Before & After Care Instructions.

DAELA Scottsdale's Eyeliner Tattoo Artist

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Eyeliner Tattoo FAQs

Hydration Guidelines:

Living in the Sonoran Desert demands vigilant attention to hydration all the time.

  • Dehydration is a common risk in our arid environment.
  • The quality of your outcome relies heavily on well-hydrated skin.
  • Dehydrated skin tends to be limp and resistant, hindering optimal results.
  • To mitigate this, it's essential to consume ample fluids such as water, juice, milk, or other hydrating beverages for the entire 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Conversely, avoid dehydrating substances like pre-workout supplements, acne treatments, alcohol, and caffeine during this period.
  • Additionally, consult your doctor about refraining from medications with diuretic effects leading up to your appointment.
  • Eyeliner tattoo, also known as permanent eyeliner or cosmetic eyeliner tattooing, is a procedure where pigment is implanted along the lash line to create the appearance of eyeliner.
  • This permanent makeup technique is designed to enhance the eyes by defining their shape, adding depth, and giving the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes.
  • The procedure involves using a tattoo machine or handheld device to deposit pigment into the skin, typically in the upper or lower lash line or both, depending on the desired look.
  • Eyeliner tattooing can range from subtle and natural-looking to bold and dramatic, offering long-lasting results that can save time and effort in daily makeup routines.
  • Eyeliner tattooing is considered permanent, meaning it can last for an extended period and may never completely disappear, but may fade over time.
  • The longevity of eyeliner tattoo varies depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare practices.
  • Typically, eyeliner tattoo can last anywhere from 2-5 years before requiring a touch-up to maintain its color intensity and shape.
  • However, individual results may vary. It's important to follow proper aftercare instructions and attend scheduled touch-up appointments to prolong the lifespan of your eyeliner tattoo.

lash line enhancement tattoo in Scottsdale Arizona

  • Lash line enhancement tattoo, also known as lash enhancement or lash enhancement tattooing, is a cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing pigment along the lash line to create the appearance of fuller and denser eyelashes.
  • Unlike traditional eyeliner tattooing, which typically creates a more defined line, lash line enhancement focuses on adding subtle pigment between the lashes to enhance their thickness and volume.
  • This technique is particularly popular for individuals who desire a natural-looking enhancement to their lashes without the need for daily makeup application.
  • Lash line enhancement tattoos can help create the illusion of fuller lashes and make the eyes appear more defined and youthful. The procedure is considered permanent but may require periodic touch-ups to maintain the desired results.

classic eyeliner tattoo in Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Classic eyeliner tattoo, also known simply as eyeliner tattooing or permanent eyeliner, is a cosmetic procedure where pigment is tattooed along the upper and/or lower lash lines to create the appearance of eyeliner. This technique is used to enhance the eyes, define their shape, and add depth and intensity to the lash lines.
  • In a classic eyeliner tattoo procedure, the pigment is implanted into the skin using a tattoo machine or handheld device with a fine needle. The depth of the pigment placement and the thickness of the line can be customized according to the client's preferences, ranging from a subtle and natural-looking enhancement to a more dramatic and bold eyeliner style.
  • Classic eyeliner tattoos are considered permanent, even though the pigment will fade gradually over time due to factors such as skin regeneration and exposure to sunlight.
  • Touch-up appointments may be required every few years to maintain the desired color intensity and shape.

winged eyeliner in Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Winged eyeliner tattoo, also known as eyeliner wing tattoo or cat eyeliner tattoo, is a cosmetic procedure where pigment is tattooed along the upper lash line and extended outward to create a winged or flicked eyeliner look.
  • This technique mimics the appearance of winged eyeliner achieved with makeup but offers a permanent solution by implanting pigment into the skin using a tattooing technique.
  • During a winged eyeliner tattoo session, a trained tattoo artist or permanent makeup artist uses a specialized tattoo machine or handheld device with a fine needle to deposit pigment along the lash line and create the desired winged shape.
  • The pigment is carefully applied to enhance the eyes, define their shape, and create a winged effect that complements the natural eye contour.
  • Winged eyeliner tattooing offers long-lasting results compared to traditional makeup, as the pigment remains in the skin for an extended period.
  • However, like other forms of cosmetic tattooing, the color may gradually fade over time due to factors such as sun exposure, skin regeneration, and individual skin characteristics.
  • Touch-up appointments may be recommended to maintain the desired intensity and shape of the winged eyeliner tattoo.

dusty shadow eyeliner in Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Dusty shadow eyeliner tattoo is a cosmetic tattooing technique that combines elements of traditional eyeliner tattooing with the soft, blended effect of eyeshadow.
  • In this procedure, pigment is implanted into the skin along the lash line to create the appearance of eyeliner, but with a softer, more diffused edge resembling that of eyeshadow.
  • During a dusty shadow eyeliner tattoo session, a trained tattoo artist or permanent makeup artist uses specialized equipment to deposit pigment along the upper or lower lash line, creating a subtle, smudged effect reminiscent of a dusty or softly blended eyeshadow application.
  • This technique is often preferred by individuals who desire a more natural-looking eyeliner that adds definition to the eyes without the harsh lines associated with traditional eyeliner.
  • Dusty shadow eyeliner tattooing allows for customization in terms of color intensity and shape, providing clients with the option to achieve a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic look, depending on their preferences.
  • Like other forms of cosmetic tattooing, the pigment used in dusty shadow eyeliner tattoos may fade over time, requiring occasional touch-up appointments to maintain the desired effect.
  • 2-3 hours for your eyeliner appointment! Touchups are a bit quicker, allow 1.5 hours to 2 hours for your touchup appointment.
  • When you book your appointment, depending on what type of eyeliner you choose, the staff will give you a better idea of appointment length.

Eyeliner tattooing offers several benefits, including:

  1. Time-saving: Eyeliner tattoo eliminates the need for daily application of eyeliner, saving time in your daily beauty routine.

  2. Smudge-proof: Unlike traditional eyeliner, which can smudge or wear off throughout the day, eyeliner tattooing provides long-lasting results that remain intact regardless of activities or weather conditions.

  3. Enhanced appearance: Eyeliner tattooing can enhance the shape and definition of the eyes, creating a more polished and attractive appearance.

  4. Customization: Clients have the flexibility to choose the thickness, color, and style of eyeliner that best suits their preferences, allowing for a personalized look tailored to their individual aesthetic.

  5. Confidence boost: With permanent eyeliner, individuals can feel more confident and self-assured in their appearance, knowing that their eyeliner always looks perfect.

  6. Suitable for various lifestyles: Whether you lead a busy lifestyle, participate in sports, or have allergies to traditional makeup, eyeliner tattooing can be a convenient and practical solution for maintaining beautifully defined eyes.

  7. Refreshing is possible: Over the years eyeliner tattoo may fade, but it can be refreshed.

Overall, eyeliner tattooing offers convenience, durability, and enhanced beauty, making it a popular choice for individuals seeking long-lasting eyeliner results.


  • Eyeliner tattoo is minimally painful, and DAELA Scottsdale applies numbing throughout the process.
  • We understand that the fear of pain is a real issue for most customers, and we are asked this by everyone, so you aren't alone!
  • Here is how most people feel: On a scale of 1-10, it’s between 2 and 3. It feels more like a tickle.
  • A very large amount of our customers return for multiple services, eyeliner tattoo is probably the least painful of all...and none are overly painful.
  • You will find yourself looking forward to your touchup!

Most eyeliner tattoo artists, including DAELA Artists, choose not to perform eyeliner tattoo on the lower lid due to several factors:

  1. Delicate area: The skin around the lower eyelid is thinner and more delicate than the upper eyelid. Tattooing this area requires precise technique and can be more challenging, increasing the risk of complications such as irritation, swelling, or uneven pigment distribution.

  2. Higher risk: Tattooing the lower eyelid poses a higher risk of injury to the eye or surrounding tissues if not performed carefully. It requires a steady hand and extensive knowledge of anatomy to avoid potential complications.

  3. Sensitivity: Many individuals find the lower eyelid to be more sensitive to pain compared to the upper eyelid. Tattooing this area may cause more discomfort for the client, making it less desirable for some artists.

  4. Maintenance issues: The lower eyelid is prone to more movement, such as blinking and tear production, which can affect the longevity of the tattoo. Touch-ups may be required more frequently to maintain the desired appearance.

  5. Client preference: Some clients may prefer to avoid tattooing the lower eyelid due to personal preferences or concerns about potential risks and discomfort.

  • You will need to remove false eyelashes prior to the service. (See below for details)
  • You can view our complete list of before care and aftercare on this website.
  • Please take the time to review our different liner services and think deeply about what style would best suit you and fit your desired look prior to your appointment.
  • Our Visual aids are very helpful. 
  • You can wear lenses to your appointment but please bring something to contain them as they will need to be removed.
  • We do have disposable containers if needed.
  • We recommend you wear glasses for the 24 hours immediately following your appointment.
  • However, there is no risk for putting the lenses back in other than mild irritation. 

Removing false eyelashes before an eyeliner tattoo appointment is a requirement for several reasons:

  1. Clear visibility: False eyelashes can obstruct the artist's view and access to the eyelid area, making it difficult to perform the tattooing procedure accurately. Removing them ensures that the artist can work with a clear and unobstructed canvas.

  2. Hygiene: False eyelashes can harbor bacteria, dirt, and makeup residue, which may increase the risk of infection during the tattooing process. Removing them helps maintain a clean and sterile environment, reducing the likelihood of complications.

  3. Proper application: Eyeliner tattooing requires precise placement along the lash line. False eyelashes can interfere with the application of pigment and may result in uneven or inconsistent results. Removing them ensures that the tattoo can be applied smoothly and evenly.

  4. Comfort: Wearing false eyelashes during the tattooing procedure may cause discomfort or irritation for the client. Removing them beforehand allows for a more comfortable and pleasant experience during the appointment.

Overall, removing false eyelashes before an eyeliner tattoo appointment is essential to ensure optimal results, hygiene, and comfort for both the client and the artist.

  • Please email photos of your existing eyeliner to DAELA Scottsdale approximately between the second and third year after your initial appointment.
  • This will allow us to assess whether you may need a touch-up appointment.
  • Kindly note that we only provide touch-ups for work that was originally done by us.
  • If your eyeliner was done elsewhere, please fill out a form and attach images. Our artist will review them to determine if it qualifies for a new appointment or color correction.
  • Yes, you can add on to an eyeliner tattoo.
  • This appointment gives you the opportunity to add additional services to your classic or lash line such as thickening your liner, wing or dusty shadow.
  • You must be an existing client and within the first year of original tattoo for the add-on pricing.
  • Longer than 1 year would be considered a new appoint and possibly a color correction.
  • Please call to book, add-ons can't be booked online! 

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