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Freckles & Beauty Marks in Vancouver, WA

DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Freckles add a warm, summer glow to your face!

Drama or fun? You choose!

About Faux Freckles & Beauty Marks

Faux freckles are petite tattoos designed to mimic natural freckles and beauty marks, offering a playful way to sport a sun-kissed look all year long. At DAELA Vancouver, our artists skillfully apply the perfect number of beautiful freckles, or perhaps a dramatic beauty mark, according to your preference.

This service is entirely safe and provides the appearance of sunbathing without the associated risk of sun damage.

Why opt for beauty marks or freckles? Quite simply, because they’re fun and enhance your overall appearance.

Please take a moment to review the before & aftercare instructions for faux freckles and beauty marks.

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Freckles & Beauty Mark Pricing at DAELA Vancouver


Freckles $300

This service is booked by the hour.  If you want more than a natural dusting of freckles, additional appointments may be required.

Please submit a photo of what you’d like to [email protected] if you want a full face of freckles.

Beauty Mark $150

Beauty mark appointment takes 1/2 hour. Anything greater than 3 marks is considered freckles.

We require a $100 non-refundable deposit on all freckle and beauty mark appointments. You may reschedule no less than 48 hours prior to appointment. No-show will result in total loss of deposit.

DAELA Vancouver's Freckle & Beauty Mark Artist

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Freckle & Beauty Mark FAQs

Your freckle and beauty mark tattoos will fade in about 6 months.

You can opt to refresh them if you like!

We can place freckles and beauty marks on any skin type, but if you have excessively oily skin, they may not last as long.

  • Because freckles are very warm so we always use warm blonde, red or brown tones.
  • The color choice will vary based on your undertones.
  • The darkness and depth is decided by your artist depending on your overall skin tones and chosen to be a soft, natural healed look. 

We can do anywhere from a few to a lot!

Send us a picture of yourself and your inspiration if you want more than a light dusting!

Minimal discomfort is involved with freckle tattoos. 

We also apply numbing!

This is not a problem, we can color match, so they look natural!

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