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What is the healing process for eyeliner tattoo?

Eyeliner tattoo, also known as permanent eyeliner or cosmetic eyeliner tattoo, has a simple healing process, and in just a few weeks the healing cycle is complete.

Cosmetic tattoo procedures are great for their minimal pain and no down-time healing.  Following simple before and aftercare guidelines will help you achieve the best eyeliner tattoo healed results. The most interesting thing about the healing process is that, for a short time, it will look like the eyeliner isn’t dark enough, or maybe that is didn’t even work. We have completed hundreds and hundreds of eyeliner tattoos and our experience tells us that every customer goes through the same phases of healing. Our best advice? Follow aftercare instructions and have faith that you will love the final result.

How long does it take to heal after eyeliner tattoo?

About 3-6 weeks and the healing process is not complicated.

Eyeliner Tattoo BeforeEyeliner Tattoo After

7 Stages of Healing: What you can expect during the eyeliner tattoo healing process.

  1. Immediate post-treatment: After the eyeliner tattoo procedure, your eyelids may appear swollen, red, or tender. The tattooed area may also feel slightly itchy or uncomfortable.
    1. What to do: Apply an icepack wrapped in a soft cloth to ease discomfort.
  2. First few days: The tattooed area will start to scab and flake off.
    1. What is important: Avoid picking at the scabs as this can disrupt the healing process and affect the final result.
    2. What to do: Apply any supplied ointments or aftercare products as instructed by your tattoo artist or technician.
  3. First week: The scabs will continue to gradually peel off, and the color may appear slightly faded or patchy. The eyelids may still feel sensitive and swollen during this time. The color will also go through a “disappearing stage” causing it to look unfinished.
    1. What to do: Don’t worry! The color will go through a “disappearing stage” causing it to look unfinished. This is completely normal.
  4. Second week: The scabs should have completely fallen off by this point, and the color will start to appear more vibrant. However, it is common for the color to still appear lighter than the final result due to the healing process.
    1. What to do: Continue following aftercare procedures supplied by your artist.
  5. Third and fourth weeks: The color will continue to settle and intensify as the healing progresses. Some minor fading and color loss are normal during this time.
  6. Final result: By the end of the fourth week, the eyeliner tattoo healing process should be mostly complete, and the true color of the eyeliner tattoo will be apparent. However, keep in mind that the final result can vary depending on factors such as your skin type, aftercare routine, and the skill of the tattoo artist.

Eyeliner Tattoo Touchup Appointment

Everyone needs an eyeliner tattoo touch-up! At week 6, your artist can perfect the work and darken or bolden the eyeliner for you. You can also request them to add to the liner.

4 Styles of Eyeliner Tattoo:

  1. Classic Eyeliner Tattoo
  2. Lash Line Enhancement
  3. Winged Eyeliner Tattoo
  4. Dusty Shadow Eyeliner Tattoo

Other tips & Tricks for Healing Eyeliner Tattoo

  • During the healing process, it is essential to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist or technician.
  • Avoid excessive moisture, sun exposure, and using specific products to aid in the healing and preservation of the tattooed area.
  • If you experience any severe pain, excessive swelling, or signs of infection during the healing process, it is important to consult with your tattoo artist or seek medical attention promptly.
  • Consult a professional tattoo artist or technician who can provide personalized advice based on your specific situation.

Interested in understanding before care for eyeliner tattoo? 

Interested in understanding aftercare for eyeliner tattoo?

Lina Anderson

Co-Owner: DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo

Lina Anderson Co-Owner Daela Cosmetic Tattoo

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