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Tiny tattoos are the newest adornment.

It’s true, Tiny Tattoos are the newest adornment.

Everyone either has a tattoo or knows someone with one. Tattoos have been around forever; we have adorned ourselves since the beginning. Humans have always loved to dress up their bodies to look good and, most importantly, feel good. Adornments such as piercings, tattoos, clothing, and jewelry have long been a way of expressing our truest selves. Lately, tiny tattoos have come onto the scene, and they are a SHOW STOPPER.

Why Should You Get a Tiny Tattoo?

Have you and a friend ever felt spontaneous and wanted to do something memorable by adding something matching or new to your adornments? It starts young with friendship bracelets and matching outfits because friends and family like to share physical and tangible connections with one another. At Daela, we love to create amazing experiences for our clients and their friends and families they go home and share the work with, whether it be microblading, lip blush, or a new tiny tattoo!

What is a Tiny Tattoo?

So, what is a tiny tattoo? Tiny tattoos are exactly what they sound like: small tattoos that can be placed about anywhere on the body. They are also popularly known as miniature or micro tattoos. Tiny tattoos can be seen on today’s celebrities, especially those hoping to keep a tattoo “a little more discreet!” These petite additions can be as small as three millimeters in size, almost undetectable unless you are looking for it. They can be placed almost anywhere on your body and as celebrities are showing us, this is the new ear piercing. This painless procedure is over in minutes and takes only a day or two to heal compared to a long healing process for an earring. Why not tattoo a small dot instead? See some celebrities below with their inspiring tiny tattoos!

Tiny tattoos are a fun way to express yourself and can be done with friends. We offer many designs on our flash sheet and hope that you can find exactly what you are looking for. Our artist, Rachel Towner, has cultivated a fun and beautiful group of sheets that include florals, symbols, and new adorable designs with classic touches.

I am uncomfortable going to a tattoo studio.

You are not alone.  It can be intimidating approaching a tattoo artist who specializes in amazing and elaborate tattoos to ask for a micro tattoo.

What Can I Expect at Tiny Tattoo Appointment?

Tiny tattoo appointments take as little as 30 minutes to two hours, depending on how many you decide to get. After receiving your little sparkle, your artist will wrap the tattoo with Saniderm (a clean, hypoallergenic wrap), which will be left on for two days. After removal, you will wash and moisturize the area with aftercare provided at the appointment. It really is that simple. Warning: After one, you will want more!

Check out our tiny tattoo flash sheets, and give us a call or book online to schedule a tiny tattoo appointment today!

Tiny Tattoos Trending Around Hollywood

Lucy Hale is pictured with her previous pup ‘Elvis,’ and she has chosen to make that love permanent.

Lucy Hale tiny tattoo

Check out the beauty Vanessa Hudgins and her sweet tattoos with boyfriend, Cole tucker.

Vanessa Hudgins tiny tattoo

Who isn’t obsessed with Hailey Beiber? She has a Roman numeral tattoo, 10-06-1990, the date her parents were wed.

Hailey bieber tiny tattoo

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