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Lash Lift & Tint vs. Extensions

Just like a work of art, any good beauty routine starts with a quality canvas. As anyone with short, pale, or otherwise lackluster lashes already knows, it’s five times harder to get your eye makeup perfect when you don’t already have a gorgeous set of lashes to work with. Luckily, modern technology offers a number of ways to get stunning long lashes with a minimum of work. But when it comes to deciding between a lash lift and tint vs. getting extensions, what’s a lash-lover to choose?

lash lift and tint


There are many pros and cons to consider when deciding how to take your lashes to the next level. The main difference between a lash lift and tint vs. extensions is that a lash lift and tint is a chemical treatment that changes your natural eyelash hairs to make them look longer and darker (see here for some beautiful examples). In contrast, lash extensions use a special glue to attach individual strands to your natural eyelashes. Both treatments are a great way to get dark, bold, striking eyelashes, with a few important differences.

Lash extensions are hard to miss, as they tend to be darker and fuller than the effects of a lash lift and tint. On the other hand, a lash lift and tint gives you a very natural look. They’re still your natural lashes, just darkened and treated so they stay more separate and distinct, curving up into a shape that makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. If you want people to be able to admire your thick, gorgeous lashes from across the room, extensions are your best bet. For an everyday beauty edge, a lash lift and tint is the way to go.

On top of the difference in appearance, a lash lift and tint tends to last longer than extensions. You only need to maintain your lash lift once every eight to twelve weeks instead of every two to four for lash extensions. Click here for our comprehensive lash lift and tint maintenance guide.


The steps of a lash lift and tint are simple. You’ll start by discussing your ideal results with your lash artist, whether you’re looking for a sleek cat-eye lash or just keeping it natural. After cleansing and separating your lashes, your artist will attach them to a silicon patch on your eyelid and apply the eye-safe perming solution. After just a few minutes, they’ll use the setting solution to lock your lashes into their new shape. A lash tint involves simply adding in color to make eyelashes look darker and more striking.


Overall, the choice between a lash lift vs. extensions comes down to what kind of look you’re hoping to achieve. Show off your gorgeous new lashes! If you have more questions about a lash lift and tint vs. extensions or are curious about how much a lash lift and tint costs, our beauty technicians would love to give you the details. Call our studio at (971) 337-5401 or book an appointment now!

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