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DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo Unveils Temporary Pop-Up Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, Featuring Master Microblading Artists Chloe and Haley

Scottsdale, Arizona – [5/29/2023] – DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo, and Chloe and Haley, Co-Owners and Master Artists, are thrilled to announce the opening of thier temporary pop-up studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. This exciting development brings the expertise of master microblading artists Chloe and Haley to the heart of Scottsdale, providing a range of cosmetic tattoo services to enhance clients’ natural beauty.

What is a pop-up studio? A pop-up studio refers to a temporary or short-term space that is set up to serve a specific purpose or provide a particular service. It is often a temporary installation or a rented space that is utilized for a limited period, typically ranging from a few days to a few months. Pop-up studios are commonly used in the retail, events, and creative industries.

The temporary pop-up studio is a prelude to the highly anticipated grand opening of DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo’s luxurious 3500 square foot flagship studio, set to make its mark in a sizzling hot area of Scottsdale. The future studio will boast ten private treatment rooms, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience for each client. The expansion will also include a full staff of masterful permanent makeup artists, skilled technicians, and dedicated customer service staff to deliver the utmost in professionalism and care.

Under the guidance of Chloe and Haley, DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo offers a comprehensive suite of cosmetic tattoo services, including:

  1. Microblading: An artful technique that creates natural-looking eyebrows through meticulous hair-like strokes.
  2. Nanoblading: A refined form of microblading that utilizes even finer needle strokes for intricate detailing and precision.
  3. Ombre Powder Brows: A shading technique that results in softly defined, gradient brows for a polished look.
  4. Lip Blush Tattoo: Enhancing lip color and shape with a subtle blush effect, providing a semi-permanent alternative to traditional lipstick.
  5. Eyeliner Tattoo: Adding definition and enhancing the eyes with a precise and smudge-proof eyeliner tattoo.
  6. Faux Freckles and Beauty Marks: Embracing the latest beauty trends, DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo offers the application of faux freckles and beauty marks to add a touch of charm and character to the face.
  7. Paramedical Tattoo: Areola Restoration Tattoo and Scar Camouflage. DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo assists those with paramedical needs. Lovingly caring for those who have hair loss due to cancer and other medical conditions like alopecia areata, as well as those who have needs to replace areolas from  mastectomies and gender affirming top surgery, as well as camouflage for scarring.

The team at DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo understands the significance of quality consultation and personalized attention. They strive to ensure that every client is comfortable and satisfied with the desired results before proceeding with any procedure. With a focus on natural-looking outcomes, Chloe and Haley employ their artistic skills and expertise to bring out the best in each client.

As the temporary pop-up studio serves as a teaser for the forthcoming grand opening, clients of Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe can add this to the list of ‘things to do in Scottsdale’. Expect an environment of warmth, professionalism, and attention to detail. From the moment they step foot into the studio, they will feel at ease, knowing that their cosmetic tattoo journey is in the hands of dedicated professionals.

About DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo: DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo is a trusted name in the field of permanent makeup, known for its commitment to exceptional quality and high client satisfaction. With the talented master microblading artists Chloe and Haley at the helm, the Scottsdale, AZ studio offers a range of cosmetic tattoo services tailored to enhance clients’ natural beauty. From microblading and nanoblading to ombre powder brows, lip blush tattoo, eyeliner tattoo, areola restoration tattoo, scar camouflage, faux freckles, and beauty marks, DAELA Cosmetic Tattoo provides transformative results while prioritizing the comfort and confidence of each client.

For further information, please contact: Haley Wight | Co-owner | |602-809-9405

Or visit the website for service details.

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